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510 with a 240z interior?


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I just found some interior photos of a 240z interior in a 510, I've never seen that before. I have so much 240z stuff on the shelves I could easily do this but not knowing the the 510 world very well I wanted to ask you guys how they are thought of? Is it considered too far or ruined, over the top?  I don't really care that much about what others think of my choices but being the car slut that I am everything I build or work on gets sold at some point to fund a new project, I don't want to cut my own throat because of a whim.



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2 hours ago, banzai510(hainz) said:

to much work

lets get the 510s on the road ASAP.

HaHa, I know, but I'm not really going to be able to get to the body of the 510 before next winter so lining up parts and plans of attack right now.  Two other projects in front of it.

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are you sure thats in a 510 

the z dash i think is wider and they went as far as to add the z pull handles into the 510 door if this is actually a 510

my opinion it looks good 

would i try it NO

each car has its own flavor in its dash i like my 510 to look and feel like a 510

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I'll echo some of Ranman's thoughts....

The windshield rake looks more like a Z than a 510

The window regulator handle is in the wrong place

The inside door handle (the one you use to get out) is in the wrong place.


If it were me, I would want to see a whole lot more pics of that deal.

I wouldn't try it either...mostly cuz I ain't smart enough.

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Dang, I have a Z dash out, but I don't have a 510 with its dash out!  HOWEVER...........the 280Z dash measures approximately 52in across & the 510 measures approximately 50in.  If somebody DID install a Z dash in a 510, they would have to "section it" & re-wrap!

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