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720 4x4 rear axle replacement options


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Hey all, Merry Christmas!


i have an 85 720 KC 4x4 that I have been pecking away at getting back into good driving shape.

i have been putting off replacing the rear axle assembly, and had some hope of just replacing bearings in my differential but after closer inspection that is no longer a viable option.


My questions are;

Can I swap my c200 rear end for a rear and from a 2wd that has a h190 in it?

Or does anyone have a 4wd C200 rear end that I could buy or any other ideas?




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The H-190 may be longer or shorter than the C200 axle so you may have to modify the 4x4 driveshaft length. Also the U joint flange may be different.  '80-'82 October build dates had H-190 in the 4x4s. A 2wd axle will also have the leaf spring perches on the underside of the axle tube, 4x4 are on top. I tried putting a 2wd differential into an early 4x4 and sometime in 81-'82 the driveshaft and flange was made larger. Naturally Nissan also changed the pinion spline so I couldn't swap just the flange.

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On 12/24/2019 at 7:19 PM, Madkaw said:

There’s a 4.11 c200 sitting in the yard here in Indiana . I know the truck showed 108k miles on it . You could probably find something closer though

Do you know the name of the yard? It would be worth looking into if it’s low mileage, might be worth a gamble. Thanks!

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16 minutes ago, KCs720 said:

Do you know the name of the yard? It would be worth looking into if it’s low mileage, might be worth a gamble. Thanks!

I actually own the truck thru a barter deal with the owner . Everything belongs to me and he stores it for me. I took the front diff off to sell and it looked brand new inside. I just took both driveshafts because they were like new as far as wear . Like I said - the odometer showed 108k miles and I believe it . The truck was tagged - bad distributor - but I’m betting it had a bad head gasket . 
Feel free to contact me via email


if interested . 

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12 minutes ago, SLO720 said:

Idk if you're in fb but this is worth a shot.

Get them to check the tag for diff gearing.




7 hours ago, wayno said:

There is a 4ws 1986 Nissan D21(hardbody) in the Portland South yard(foster yard) that likely has a C200 in it but I have no idea what gearing it has.


Awesome, thanks for the leads!

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The Z24i D21 Hardbody gearing is 4.375 from '86.5 through '88 and 4.11 with the KA engine. Also the axle is wider than the 720 axle. Not much but may not be a problem on a 4x4. Have them check the distance between the leaf springs. I thought they were the same as earlier trucks, but I have heard different.

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On 12/24/2019 at 1:13 PM, KCs720 said:

Ahhh I see. I’ll have to wait it out for a 4x4 to pop up in Oregon🤞


Thanks Mike!


I had one a couple months ago, but got rid of it... sorry that doesn't help you now! I'm in the Portland area. Good luck! Check Facebook groups and the pick n pulls. 

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