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Futofab wolf creek z car garage Porsche axles


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What's up guys I have a 72 240z with a 500hp ls with a t56 transmission with 275/60/15 Hoosier dot tires  I currently have a r200 with a kaaz lsd with 89 300zx turbo axles I keep breaking the driver side axle with the 2 step at 3300 rpm launch has anyone had any luck with the  Porsche style axle from futofab 108mm or wolf creek or z car garage has anyone broke any and how I'm wondering if these axles can handle a 5k launch any help would be appreciated thank you

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Why would you launch at those RPMs with a 500 hp engine? Broken equipment is trying to tell you something.... like they were designed to run 200 hp through them not 2 1/2 times that. Get narrower tires like 225/75R15 or 4.11 gears that will spin the tires easier and take the shock load off the axles. Maybe a custom shortened Ford 9" and some leaf springs.

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I was told them axles could handle 500hp🤷‍♂️ but I was also told them after market Ebay axles suck.and I also hear that them futofab axles will handle the power regardless of what rpm launch. im just trying to find someone with a current same set up who's running them axles to see if there worth the 1400 investment.i like to race my car and I'm trying to keep it irs and I'm trying to stick with a r200 if its possible still lol 

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The 930 CV name is thrown around so much these days, I wonder if a lot of them are cheap knock-offs. I do know that 930 CVs for Ultra 4 are very expensive.


Kartek sells 930 CVs from $30 each to $250 each, so there are obviously massively different levels of quality.

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