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Amplifier Speed Switch Wiring


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A couple of years back I swapped my slow automatic transmission for a nice dog-leg 5 speed manual.

Well... I am finally doing some final connections in order to complete the transmission swap and have it working as it was intended.


The B210's with automatic transmission come with a gauge cluster with NO amplifier speed switch.



In order to have the Vacuum switch work it needs to be electronically activated by the amplifier speed switch located on the speedometer cluster.



I found a gauge cluster with the amplifier speed switch






My question to the people on the forum is the following:

How do I connect the amplifier speed switch to the main wire harness?


Thank you in advance for any useful feedback.


Edgar Sierra

San Diego, CA

1978 B210, California Emissions




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Often the harnesses are all the same, for example, it  would have a tachometer wiring but if that option was not there the wiring is simply tucked up and not needed. It's cheaper than having two harnesses at the factory, you just use it or not. I should imagine that the connections are simply taped up on the harness nearby and withing reach of the gauge cluster. The 620 tach is this way.


I had a new '76 B-210 and when slowing down in gear just as the needle touched 10 MPH the idle would suddenly drop. The speedometer didn't go down to 0 (zero) only 10 MPH.

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