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ZX 23T Reverse Idler Gear

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I am in big need of a usable replacement as reverse in my Z is shot. It is apart and idler is beyond miracles.. Don't care if it's noisy!

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Least used gear in the box, but gets all the grinding.  If just chipped grind them down. Only maker was Nissan, try the dealer 32282-E9000 for the 23T. Best bet is one from an old box.  Try a want ad here... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/



Used in the 77-'78 280z 5 speed, 810 5 speed, '77-'79 620 5 speed, '80-'83 720 gas or diesel 5 speeds. Used in the 280zx 5 speeds till Nov '82.



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Yes Mike, but I didn't do it!  I'm wondering if it can be flipped with some machine shop effort knocking down the hub and maybe the teeth a little to clear the main shaft gear?

This one is beyond repair with over 1/8" of tooth gone.

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ALL reverse idlers end up chipped to some degree.




I have a parts display and the gear looks (or seems to) the same way forward or back. There is a needle bearing cage that it rides on, that snap ring as in my picture (under the screw driver) with a thrust washer behind it. There's a thrust washer and another snap ring on the far side to hold it in place.. Pull the snap ring off this side, slide the thrust washer off, pull the gear off flip round and reassemble. 


I guess you could dress down any irregularities on the teeth with a hand stone or maybe an angle grinder.

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Try this place instead.

I didn't have it bookmarked, took about 15 min. to find.




If they don't have it, you can probably get it out of JP Parts in Japan.





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better source
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