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A14 straight pipe or muffler??

head trauma johnny

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I have the stock 710 resonator and pipe to the rear to keep the exhaust speed up, then I found just a regular '$25 special' muffler but 1/4" larger inlet than the pipe I have. Probably for a V8 or large 6 cylinder. I used a reducer to connect the smaller pipe to the larger muffler. It has more flow capacity than the 1 3/4" that was on it. The outlet is just a 45o down pipe before the rear axle. It's slightly longer and bigger around than the one that was on it. It flows more with less restriction, sounds nice idling and is quiet enough on the highway.


If I were looking for more sound I would get a cherry bomb style straight through glass pack for the resonator and a turbo muffler behind it. The turbo style muffler is not see through but baffled and packed with sound deadener/absorbent materials. They are all basically the same so pick what you want. Restriction = quieter.... so don't go by how a 'muffler' has less restriction because it will just be louder. You are basically paying for a hollow pipe.



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23 hours ago, datzenmike said:

A turbo muffler with a tail pipe. Perhaps a straight through glass pack used before it for a resonator. You did say sounds best and not loudest.


Lol, this is literally my setup on my B210. Very quite at idle and doesn't start getting loud until about 4000rpm.

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Muffler sounds better, straight pipe is too loud and raspy, so are cherry bombs. Go on ebay and get a 14" case or smaller oval offset inlet offset outlet stainless steel muffler for $30-80. I prefer Borla personally.

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