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wheel/tire combo

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Looking for some good advice on rims/tires to run on my '71 dime.

It has BRE bubble flares, and the 280ZX struts with the techno-toy-tuning/Wilwood big brake kit.


I was thinking 16x10s with -25 offset. I know that Love20Bee makes some nice customs down in SoCal.


Ideas or suggestions appreciated.


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Love20Bee did my rims. Hoshino Impul 15X8  0  offset fronts and 15X10 rears, with about a -25 offset in the rear


They fit right about the edge of the lip of the BRE flares with not much poke and very little negative camber in the rear. 


I am running 1987 200SX front struts

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We need pictures.


What kind of wheels are you thinking about?  Always strikes me as funny when people ask what wheels they should run, what color should they paint, etc.  I recommend you run the wheels and tires that YOU like best.  Why would you run wheels/tires that I like? 

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Rubber for tires and you can't go wrong with stock rims and dishes,  although a bit vanilla. Traditionally, Z or ZX rims (factory mags) gives you fit, looks and a better range of tire choices.... and points for keeping it all Datsun. After that are after market mags but if there is one truth in this world it's that people have terrible taste in mates..... and rims. Another truth is people fall in love and buy rims and then have to make the car fit them rather than knowing what will fit and then buying the rims. It's like having a supermodel g/f. They look great, but YOU have to make all the sacrifices to keep them. The Law of Rims states that there are only a few ways to properly fit wheels to cars, but an infinite number of ways to fuck it up.     

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