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Tesla Model 3 motor/trans - So who else is tempted?


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Came across a vid of the Tesla Model 3 drifting.




Seems they're rear wheel drive. Had a squiz on the web and found these pics...




They're selling like hotcakes, so it won't be long before some numbskulls tank a few and then the drivetrain will be in wrecking yards.


Surely I'm not the only one interested in? Thoughts?

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The electronics on these are pretty darn fancy to get them to work out.  Go check out some of the cool stuff people are doing with Zero motorcycle engines though!

110HP 140ft/lb for a tiny lightweight motor and unlike the Tesla the motors are pretty common out there.  I know some folks were working to install two using a differential of some sort, the timing of the electronics makes ganging them radially a bit tough.


Some good info here:


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there actually are plenty of people using tesla powertrains in other cars, because there are lots of teslas, lots of them get involved in accidents and scrappers sell of engines, battery packs and the much needed electronics to get them working. complete forums filled with teslas swapped cars already exist. if i had the electrical skills i would be driving a electric powered 620 by now.

Nissan Leaf's, Chevy Volt, etc. all weinig used for parts.



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With an electric power train there is no "trans", it's direct drive. 


Fitment of the motor and batteries is a no-brainer, it's making it run that requires serious brains and very specific knowledge of very high current DC motors and multi cell battery arrays. To make a Tesla drivetrain work in a Dat you'd need to either reprogram the entire management system or incorporate all the model 3's electronic sensors, recalibrate all the traction control, recuperative braking, battery cooling, and battery discharge for a different chassis, weight, wheel size,  etc, etc. 


It would be easier to design your own system from the ground up like John Wayland was doing 10 years ago with his 10 sec 1/4 mile White Zombie.   






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9 hours ago, Draker said:

you can use a tranny if you'd like. See rich rebuilds rat rod with zero bike engine. 


That motor is an easy way to go just an easy adapter plate and spud adapter. The Telsa motor is integrated into the gearbox housing, makes hooking it up to a trans a little more difficult. 



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