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1984 Nisan 720 2WD pickup - still truckin'


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I'd like to upgrade from the standard 14x5, 6x5.5 BC, 100mm center bore to either 15" or 16" wheels. Straight bolt on, no machining, correct offset. Any suggestions would be appreciated; aftermarket or factory wheels, steel or aluminum, just trying to get away from the 195/75/r14 rubber stock bands. Thanks!😀

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Tire width and height is not determined by the rim size. Your 195/75R14 is 25.5" tall and 7.7" wide. A 195/70R15 is 7.7" wide and 25.7" tall. Almost identical except that the rim diameter is different.


You can go wider on 14" rims, even if only 6.5"wide.  Taller is a bad idea as it effectively lowers your differential ratio. This reduces your acceleration and performance not to mention the speedometer error. 


Your 195/75R14 is 25.5" tall and 7.7" wide. A 245/60R14 is 25.6" tall but 9.65" wide. That's 2" wider than what you have but has no effect on speedometer or performance.

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Thanks. I understand that. I'm not trying to run a larger diameter tire, I'd like to run a 225/60R15 or a 225/55R16, same diameter, just wider  The issue is tire selection, not many choices in the 14" size and the stock wheels are 14x5.... about the max I can put on that is a 205/70R-14 (more than 205 on a 5 inch wide rim just pulls in the sidewall too much). Just trying to find out what is available in 15 or 16 wheels that will fit. 

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