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Rear window seal ... seems like a treasure hunt


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So I've finished my truck ... took out the back window and the seal was shot... found 2 in the junkyards around here and they have no rear window seals ... I have one window seal but its broke in one place. Could I glue it together and use some 3m seal maybe... I've researched  and researched and some sites say a regular cab seal will work but the windows are a different size ? 

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Vintage rubber is the only U.S. supplier online I know of. And yes, standard cabs have smaller rear glasses. The seal from vintage rubber is made in Taiwan so not sure on quality. I have one for my king cab (switching to a solid back glass. Hope this helps:



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Soo...  I got the vintage rubber seal in... and it seems to have small gaps after I installed it... meaning I can see daylight from the inside ... so what I'm asking is should I just go around It with black caulking... the windows in and it's not coming out . It jus seems the seal was a bit big 

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If you read the Nissan factory service manual it says calls for some points to need sealant. I had a friend with a 620 who had a new Precision brand seal with the same prob. With the help of a glass professional they R&R’d the windshield 6-7 times trying to get the seal to fit w/o sealant. They were scraping rust, painting, bending metal, etc. They never got it to seal. I informed them about the service manual note. They sealed it, no prob. They surmised the cab may have been a bit tweeked from a PO fender bender. Hope this helps? 

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