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510 wagon vg30e project

Joe fink

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Cruising along on this job . The pan and mounts I got from puckerfactory.com are awesome !! I wanted to ask if anyone here who has done this conversion ever got the oem speedometer in the dash to work ? Or do you just go after market ? I am trying to keep as much of the original dash working as possible . I am about to test fit the engine and trans to hopefully get a measurement for the driveshaft today . Also about to start sorting out the harness . If there are any pointers ,  tips , etc I would definitely appreciate it . After I get through this step I think the next big things will be a custom air filter & intake tubing and radiator with electric fans . 


P.S. the donor set up is from a 93 Nissan D21 pickup . The Datsun is a 72 510 wagon . 

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I'm doing a VG33 swap into my '72 510 wagon. Lots of discussions here about changing to an internally regulated alternator and on the bottom of my project page 4. I also mention the electric choke relay (72-73 only) and the 2nd points relay that both get removed.




Choke relay is behind battery by the voltage regulator and the 2nd points relay is on a separate little board by the coil.


The speedometer should work since I believe it screws into the trans at the output rotation speed same as 4-speed. Others may pitch in here and confirm or correct. I have not even got the engine in yet so can't confirm.


Good luck with your project post lots of pictures because we all lubs photos.



aka Rosso because my first 510 was red


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