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Vacuum lines schematic


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There are two vacuum switches on the passenger side inner fender. One for low vacuum to switch off the exhaust side plugs and one for high vacuum to turn off the idle cut solenoid during high speed deceleration. I forget the other but will look it up when I get home.

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Decal gone but that looks more like what I should have. Runs ok (except for needing carb rebuilt) but only getting about 15 mpg. Have had a few 720's and should be getting twice that. I think the missing components might have something to do with that.





Thanks Mike, your the go to source.


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Figured at least 20mpg because hardly over 4000 rpm around town. I know carb needs a rebuild, just have to figure out which kit to get. Older Nissans didn't emboss numbers on carb bodies, just attached a silly little aluminum tab to a carb screw and I have yet to see one that has lasted. Then, with carb and cleaner off, will replace ALL those little tubes.

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