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Has anybody put a L20B head on a KA24E Bottome end ( I need backwards of typical)


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I have a Racecar at Local Racetrack.  My car is a 510.  I am looking at bottom ends and I like the 6.50" rods and a 2400cc bottom end. I raced earlier this year with a high compression L20B amd blew a double felpro gasket set up ( too Much Compression). 

I would like to reuse my head, because our rules say 2 valves per cylinder. So the KA head is not an option for me.. 

I know typically everyone wants the KA24E head on a L20B bottom end.  

Our Rules...  2600cc max, 2 valves per cylinder, porting and polishing, roller camshafts, Holley 350 carb (7448) , header is ok...

I am trying to figure out what holes need to be welded on the head to stop the water in oil situation. I am thinking on adding links onto the L20B timing chain and I can run a line from where oil pressure guage goes to pressurize the oil bar in head.. my existing header will bolt up and I have a manifold.  

Has anyone tried going the opposite way of what everyone else does? 



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There is a coolant passage in the back of the KA block that would connect into an oil drain back hole in the L head. I guess an L head will work with a single chain timing chain. You'll need a fuel pump eccentric. A car KA has a large crank girdle but a truck doesn't so fitting it into a Datsun would be easier. KA compression with L head would be around 8.64. 


I would find a Z24 engine and do it instead. Everything fits. Already as dual timing chain though it needs 4 links added. Compression is 9.44.


Your L series oil pan and engine mounts will fit the Z24 but not the KA...







KA main bearings are much smaller than L or Z series.



Z24 rods (right) are beefier than the KA...



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