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Just picked up my 68’ 520

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Just picked up my 68 520 last weekend. Got plans for her. But for now just need to get her up and running as a DD. I’m up in Denver, CO. I’m on the look for J16 L20. 
a 5 speed trans. Thanks, Nicks 

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I think the J16/J18 was put in cars or trucks in Mexico and Central America. There was also a 5 speed for the J series engine but I don't know much about it.


An L series four cylinder will be hard to put into a 520. It's a smaller engine compartment and the engine mounts on the frame are in a different place than the later PL521. An L20 was a six cylinder.

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I was referring to the L20B and I'm aware of the engine mount issues. The J16 came in the us marked 620 and 720s. The J18 was a mexico/central American marketed engine. you can find them but it's difficult.  The 5 speed came in the 510 was fully synchronize.

In the interim. I'm just gona get the J13 running good and drive it as is. I'm also on the fence about shoehorning a KA24DE or an NA SR20 with a S15 6spd. But who knows.... We'll see what the future holds.


Thanks, Nick

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Welcome to the SAE standard brotherhood. Don’t succumb to the call of Sirens the Metric..... 

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7 hours ago, Nickdadick said:

 The J16 came in the us marked 620 and 720s.


There were no J series 620s or 720s above Mexico. They were all L, Z or SD series engines

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