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L20b valve clearance

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So, in preparation of firing off for the first time in for ever, I decided one last step would be to adjust my valves. I know, golden idea right...? I have read online how tos, and am familiar from doing this years ago. Question is, what are the wrench sizes. Cause every one says 14 17, and mine, I swear to all mighty someone that mine are 16 21, which is a guess. I dont even have a 16, but my 14 sure is sloppy along with a 15. My 17 isn't even a 19!! Which is the highest wrench I own. Wtf??? Help

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40 minutes ago, Ranman72 said:

make sure you have good wrenches if low quality or very old they will fit loose 

14/17 is what they should be 

and 10 for the valve cover 

This isn't loose like that. This is loose like not the same sizes. I believe you, and agree, but these are just different.. was there a difference between heads maybe. This is a smog head btw. W5 whatever. Cant remember atm. But nonetheless this is baffling 

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look again there is the main nut around 23mm this should be all the way down and tight 

then the adjuster nut 17 

and a set nut 14 

look closely at this pic the 17mm is the set nut the one near the top should be a 14 and is the adjuster 

All Photos-1327


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6 hours ago, 510revisited said:

Well I'm just a dumb ass then. I guess at least now I can go adjust my valves. I never realized there were 3 actual points. Again, I'm the dumbass. Sorry. I should just have listened. Maybe I should be a lawyer!!!! Thanks for the info.

no problem 

when you posted the pic i realized that you were on the wrong nut 

the bottom one always stays all the way down and tight 

sometimes if you dont know you dont know 

there is never a stupid question if you dont know the answer 

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I wondered what would happen when a valve sinks up into the head and you run out of adjustment range.




I ground a coupe of threads of the post so it will turn down deeper and sanded down the lock nut so it was about 1/16" thinner. That's about 158mm of extra adjustment... enough to get you through the winter or till you can find a replacement head



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46 minutes ago, G-Duax said:

One of these 17mm wrenches make life a lot easier when adjusting the valves on an L-series.




I cheated, and took a torch to a no-name open end wrench, and welded a socket on the top.

Sure doesn't look home made. Where the hell is the weld? Wanna sell or make one for me!!!

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That isn't mine, that is a nice pristine, factory made one.

Too lazy to dig mine out to take a picture, and post it on photobucket ...

Besides, that one I posted is a 19mm (stamped right on the top), not the 17mm.

The 19mm is for a Benz diesel, but the 17 looks identical.

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