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Wiring harness


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I’m doing a complete rebuild of a 1971 Datsun 510 with a VG33, aftermarket gauges, electric power and heated seats, etc.

i talked with painless wiring and they said they really couldn’t help me even with a universal kit.

what have others done? Do I just start from scratch, one wire at a time or do I purchase a kit anyway and just completely modify it?

any input would be helpful and appreciated.



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If the original wiring is in the car still that would be best to start with.you can use the 510 wiring for all other stuff and use the 510 harness to trigger the VG motor harness.you get from the donor car.

If you have no wiring what so ever then ask yourself how much ability you have to wire up the turn signals and emergency lights ect.... here where keeping the original is best.most jap cars are switchable ground and American is switchable power which confuses a lot of people.

maybe best to sell the car if no wiring at all.just my opinion 

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Just get and EZ Wiring kit, they are virtual copies of the Painless Wiring. I am using one in my 72 510 with a VG34


I have a VG34e, 200SX intake, 300ZX ECU and Harness, 240SX Throttle Body and the Can Am box. The rest of the car is the EZ Wire harness. I don't think anyone makes an aftermarket harness for this engine combo. SR, KA or something else, sure, but VG, no. 


You will have to re-use some of your plugs off the old harness to match your factory switches, but it can be done. Just get some wiring schematics and take your time. 

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Complete rewires can be done - done it in both my 510 and 620. Painless "can't" help you as all there stuff is ford/gm oriented... same as all the other wiring harness kits... but there are plenty of people who have used them. If you know anything about car electrical systems its not that bad a job, just takes some time and a little bit on ingenuity. 


I used the American Autowire Highway 15 kit for both of my rewires, but both cars are running pretty stripped down systems. Sounds like you are planning on running some additional items so it would probably be worth getting the 22 or similar kit so you have the spare fuses--- even if you don't use them as intended.


You will have to re-use some of your plugs or you can get new ones from http://www.vintageconnections.com/ . Essentially you likely wont use any of the switches or connectors that come with the wiring kits. Although I did use the headlight switch on both cars and connected the lights with a bosche relay set up.  


Both jobs took me about 2 weekends to complete. I definitely recommend getting the CanAm box set up for the VG, made wiring in the KA in 620 super easy and keeps the engine wiring separate from the car harness.


I'll dig up a couple photos of my two set ups

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7 minutes ago, vetteguy22 said:


just curious if you used the factory key start switch or something else? 



Yes used the factory Ignition switch on both. On the 510 I got the connection from Vintageconnections and connected it that way. On the 620 I just used female spade connectors on the ends of the wires.

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