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75 Retractor Seat Belts in a 74 620: I know I'm fat, but...

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.... but they don't even come close to getting around my 52" waist.  There is at least a foot gap between the clasps when fully extended.


Did they change the mounting spots?  My 74 has the shoulder swivel over half way up the rear window (NOTE:  could this point have been lowered to the top of the seat for retractors?) and the retractor is mounted low, basically on the floor board.




EDIT:  MY BAD!  The seat belts match - the 510 Wagon # was the one I removed from my truck.  Argh!  LATE NIGHT ZOMBIE MODE (Altzheimers????)  So I'm correcting the following:


Looks like I may have been sold the wrong parts (Facebook.)  What is crazy is that they really look like a matched set with all the mounting washers, bushings, wave springs, etc.  AND BOTH BELT Lengths are 93 inches!


Fat Guys Don't Fit?  I had a 92 Metro and the passenger payload was 550# for ALL 4 passengers!  ....and yet, the seat belt had tons of room for me.


The retractor assembie labels are


LH) 86820-N2200 (1974) which shows up as a 1974 King Cab on the net  (https://seainterio.com/86820-n2200) but NO LISTING on Carpartmanual and

Looks like this # is superceded by H6820-B5002 (https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/nissan-belt-safety-black-h6820b5002) which is for a 510 Wagon 7109 and up


RH) 86820-B8000 (1975) which has NO LISTING on CPM nor internet


The stiff latch belt has both 86871-B8001 and 86871-B8000 part numbers listed.  (the other belt is installed and need to remove to read numbers)


EDIT:  Since both the 86820 and 86871 end in B8000, I'm guessing they are correct.  Could the mounting points be so much different from my 74?  Could King Cab or Bucket Seats make that much difference?







The belt length is basically 75" + 2(retractor to B-pilar swivel = 28") = 131 inches for the 620.  (not 93")


Seat belt measuring guide



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I had the same problem in my 620....just bought a foot long extender and bolted it in place on the floor of the cab....it was fun  getting the tension right on the spindle...have a couple of small vice grips or old hemostats handy to clamp the belt while you're working on it so it won't retract all the way in.  Cost about $10 and got to keep the old belts.

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I do not understand what you did.  I like the "Costs about $10" and "Keep the old belts!"


Thanks, this Extender, when you say "...bolted...on the floor..." do you mean where the short, stiff belt w/the push button lock is bolted?


The "Spindle", what parts is this?  part of the Retractor?  ...or are you talking about one of those "inline" "belt winders"?



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Was your short inboard belt which lays on the seat made with  just a web strap?


Now my short belt has a hard plastic cover over stiff metal and is not flexible by any stretch of the imagination.  It is so stiff in fact, that there is a sharp 45* twist right before the lock so that the lock is not digging into your side when tightened.


If it was sticking out another 12":  a) it wouldn't be laying on the seat but pointing off in some weird direction, and b) would be very uncomfortable when everything is cinched up.


There are also ton's of airplane style extenders.  I haven't taken the time to see if the 620 uses the same lock shape.


I was also thinking of installing a longer belt in the retractors however the plastic cover appears to be formed or shrunken over the mechanism.  Would it be possible to stretch it off if warmed in hot water???  Obviously retractors are not meant to be tampered with.


Oh, and here is a LOT OF INFO from the 1200 folks (again!):  http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Seatbelts


And finally, I'd like to find out what the superseded part # is for 86820-B8000.



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86820-B8000  is wrong number?


There is an 86830- B8000 for the right side 08 '75 to 08 '78 seat belt. Left side is 86880-B8000.



The earliest US belts are 86830-B5001 RH and 86880-B5001 LH used to 03 '76.


The 86830-N2200 RH and 86880-N2200 were used from 04 '74 to 03 '76 or 4 months before the end of the '74 model year..... and yes there were no King Cabs till Feb '76 

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This is the tag from the retractor assemblies which don't appear ANYWHERE!


THEORY:  It's an obsolete superseded #? 


I had a 510 Wagon belt in my 620 with the following #:  86820-N2200 which appears nowhere in carpartsmanual.com, HOWEVER an online search brought back a superseded # H6820-B5002 which does appear in carpartsmanual.com


I will call dealership next week and see if it has been superseded.  (But I would think it would be online which again makes no sense.)





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I can't find the 86820 number at all

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I replaced my 710 belts and retractors with ones from a 620. The stock ones have lap and shoulder belts but they are fixed at the lock. The 620 slides through the lock so I can just grab the shoulder belt a yank it to tighten the lap portion.

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Just thinking:


RETRACTOR LOCATING PIN:  (try to determine if these belts are from a 620)


The 86820-B8000 retractors have a bent metal "pin" that fits through a 5/16" hole about 2.5" above the mounting bolt to keep the retractor from swiveling on the bolt.


I had to drill this hole in my cab meaning that there should be a different cab part number.

Further, since the belts are stamped 1975, the cab year should be 1975 or 1976


Checking cab part numbers:

Early Cab was used until 7507 which sounds like it was used or the 1975 model year.  But since the early cab doesn't have the locating holes, these belts could not be from a 1975 cab which the seller claims was the case.

1st Cab revision was 7508 to 7707 which could have the locating holes and the 86820-B8000 belts.

NOTE:  Looks like model year transitions from July to Aug - QUESTION:  Is this correct?


# part# model from to qty
  60010-B5555 T 7508 7707 1
  60010-B8050 T   7507 1
  60010-B9335 DX 7708   1
  60010-B9350 DX 7602 7707 1
  60010-B9835 T 7708   1
  60010-B9836 CAMP 7807   1




Could this be a Takata Kojyo part number?

Cannot find any TK links even on google.jp BUT Takata is referenced all over the place regarding Nissan seat belts.




That leaves a 610, 710, and B210.


I've tried to find pics of these cars to see if the seat belts "look the same."  A smaller car, like the B210 might be able to get away with a 93" belt length???


BUT, the short stiff inboard belts are definitely for a bench seat which I don't think these cars ever had - therefore, these belts have to be from a 620


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35 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

I replaced my 710 belts and retractors with ones from a 620. The stock ones have lap and shoulder belts but they are fixed at the lock. The 620 slides through the lock so I can just grab the shoulder belt a yank it to tighten the lap portion.


QUESTION:  Do you still have your 710?  (Wonder why the swap and YES, my B8000 belts slide through the lock too - so that is "620 correct.")


QUESTION:  Could you measure the retractor belt length? 


If it's 93" then I've got the correct belts and they simply are not big enough for a fat guy. 

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I changed them because the wouldn't slide through the lock. I got used to just pulling on the shoulder belt to cinch up both when I had my truck. The 710 had two retractors, one on the floor and one up by your ear... crazy. I checked and they are 86830-B8000 and very hard to measure length but when fully extended, from top of retractor all the way round and back to the tie down around 98 inches.  I know these are probably from a 620 but the tag says '76. What a coincidence... my 710 is a '76

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Sounds like your B8000's are probably the same belt length as mine.


QUESTION:  Mike, did your 620 retractors have that positioning tang above the bolt?


I was at a friends house that has a 240z and has been a Datsun guy for 40 years.  He is over 6' tall and while not skinny, I would say he has a slight belly on him but nothing someone would call fat.  He said I think even in his 240 and possibly another car, while he could fit in the belts, there wasn't much extra room left at all.  


I'm guessing is THE ANSWER is that early Datsun seat belts were designed for small people.  As time passed, these seat belt lengths increased.


I wonder if 720 belts would work?    

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Yes it has the tang on it. This is to position the retractor in the upright position so the inertial locking will work properly. This allows you to move around but any sudden jerk (like in a sudden stop or accident) the retractor locks.

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