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Japanese car show at Pacific Raceways

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Eric Schlichte mailto:eric.schlichte@comcast.net reached out to me looking for help putting on a Datsun or “Japanese Car Weekend” to support one of two SOVREN vintage car races at Pacific Raceways.

This sounds like an awesome opportunity to build a really cool event in the NW.


If you or your club would like to get in on the ground floor, or know someone (or another club) that would, please get in touch with Eric.


Here is what he had to say:


              Thanks for getting back with this. We have two open dates on our calendar for next season. Spring Sprints is April 24-26 and Fall Finale is September 26-27. 

    What I would like is to make is an annual Datsun or “Japanese car” weekend. You’re club would run and promote a car show at the track. Our club rents the track, so for now the venue cost is put in by us. (The bean counters will fight about this later) 

   We take about 3/4 of the paddock at these two smaller races so initially we can fit about 200 plus of your cars. The track is making improvements and paving more space in the coming years. 

                  Please look at the CRC/ “all British field meet” in Portland

abfm-pdx.com to get an idea of what can be done. It’s a successful SOVREN event. They have a rally, swap meet, Land Rover test drives, Jaguar test drives, music, guests, autocross, etc. we’re flexible on a lot of that. We could add a combined track day the Friday before to let your club members try lapping. In the future maybe even national convention?

    We’ve changed the requirements to let in newer cars so the field is getting more Japanese cars, especially Datsun, they seem to be the in car right now. 

                Thanks again for your time, lots more to talk about if you’re interested. 


             PNWH vintage racing charities


I hope someone picks this up and runs with it.

I know I can’t personally give it the time it would need otherwise I’d already be working with Eric.



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Pacific Raceways is in Kent WA, I think he was using the British Field Meet in Portland at PIR as an example of what can be done, they have races or at least practice racing on the track, they have vendors of which some are swap meet type, food, they separate the different types of British vehicles(there are a lot of different types), there are hundreds of vehicles there, maybe over a thousand, if the British made it it is there, to actually look at every vehicle will take all day, the blacktop areas are the pits, and all the grass area south of the pits to the road/dike and west to the trees is full of vintage vehicles.

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Ratsun is not a club, it's a forum, but Datsun Club members and people that put on events do frequent this forum/site, like jbirds510 who chimed in.

Carterb appears to have been contacted by Eric Schlichte about possibly making an already existing racing(???) event at Pacific Raceways into something much bigger like the All British Field Meet at PIR.

The meet he used as an example is likely not a good example as that event is huge and likely draws in more of the general public than actual British car owners now, they claim to have more than 800 British vehicles at this event.

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