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What vehicle did these come off


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There are a few different buying services out there to help us non-Japan residents buy from Yahoo! Japan.


I use www.buyee.com but there are many others.


buyee offers auction translations (others likely do as well) and when you win your bid, you pay a small service fee, the items is shipped to a distribution center in Japan and re-packed (if necessary) for international shipping, then you get a notification that allows you to consolidate shipping on other orders you may be placing or you can just select your favorite shipping method from Japan to your US address.




Here is the English translation for that auction:


59 Sprinter Trueno AE86 outside aluminum wheels ASAHI 14-inch 4-hole PCD114.3 5.5J 4 this CARMAN ami old cars

◎ more information such as confirmation, please contact us at the following address instead of the Q & A column.
(I e-mail, please copy and paste the title to the subject.)
E-mail address: management@watanabe-autoparts.co.jp
Product Details
Than S60_nenshiki Sprinter Trueno AE86
Manufacturer: ASAHI
Hub diameter: 76
Offset: 20
2 This is the center cap missing item.
Four both, clear peeling is located on the whole.
Other, Thank about a small crack.
<Our management column: 0820/9022/1422 / W12 >
affiliated transportation company
Yamato Transport (5-20 size) Seino Transportation (60 greater than or equal to the size)
Important Notice to tender bidder 
This product is, more than 60 size to become, it will be shipped in the Seino Transportation.
Dispatch to individual clients general home can not be accepted.
I hope in a place of employment, suppliers, shops destined Seino of office stop.
Once was possible to go to pick up the nearest sales office, office stop also please consider.
The addressee telephone column, please describe the mobile phone number, etc. can contact.
Thank you for your understanding.
☆ Product Description and photos, as far as possible the details of goods but we have announced,
You may basically such as fine scratches and dirt that can not be explained because it is USED of goods, thank you for your understanding.
The more nervous one or insane person, the cancellation after a return or a successful bid of those other than the mistake here Please refrain from.
To register from Hiroshima Prefecture, it is.
After the end (after the order form determined), consumption tax will because we will confirm it is automatically set.
COD can be sent out.
Shipping ]
Shipping size of this item is the "200".

Humbly, thank you.



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Damn.  I had no idea there was a service like this.  I bet there is one for Thailand as well.  My pops went over there for a month.  And to fuck with me, he send me tons of facebook marketplace listings.  He even went and looked at a 521 van.  It was complete and came out to about 700 clams US dollar.  We could not figure out in time how to get it home and how much it would cost me.

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