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Would anyone be interested in a new black seat cover?

Cardinal Grammeter

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I got a quote of $350 to do my seat which also includes R&R and some foam work.  (I figure the cover cost itself would be $200-250 or less if group purchase - $200 maybe???)


The quality should be pretty good, this shop did a bucket for me replacing worn seat bottom and back side bolster panels and I can't tell that there was any repair done to the seat.


I may get things going right off and ask them to make an extra cover AND keep the patterns for future orders.  I'm sure I could sell 1 and put a $20 in my pocket.  


HOWEVER I don't how much a 5 or 10 cover run would lower the cost.


Anyone interested?  


I'm also going to talk to them about installing a heater kit too since there are $25 kits on Amazon for a single seat that only dray 4 amps   (Actually this is a moot point for people buying the cover - they would do that layup themselves.  Me, on the other hand, would be paying the shop to do it.)


This is a picture I obtained from a 620 for sale in Thailand or Malaysia.  I think it is about as correct a reference photo as is possible.


EDIT NOTE:  I don't think anything could be done if you have the recessed bottom UNLESS if someone had an old seat cover I could give this shop.  ALSO it would have to be established that the recess was the ONLY difference OTHERWISE it would be a completely different set of patterns.  Etc., etc.,,, 

1980 Datsun 620 Single Pickup

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Shop said most of price was in the cover so no room for discount.


Just thinking how people used to go to Tijuana to get their cars done.  I guess that's still going on.


But that made me think of the Mexican tire shops in Carson City NV:  The top tier tire dealer Les Schwab wanted $90 to cross rotate a pair of 275/35r18's on 3-pc wheels.  I got new tires mounted at a Mexican tire shop for $25 including spin balancing and tire disposal.


I was getting gas in my car with a primered hood and this cool 12 year old Mexican boy came up to me and said his dad would paint my car in my yard and do a really good job for little money.  Honestly, if I had just arrived in Carson City, I would have taken him up on it but I was in the process of putting the car back in storage just before my flight back home to PA.


Mexicans are everywhere in that part of the country and are happy to work hard for low wages.


There have to be Mexicans doing upholstery work there!   

EDIT UPDATE:  Talked to friend who does car and boat work in the Bay Area (CA) and he said yes, he's heard of cut-rate Mexican upholsterers in the area but didn't know anything more.  



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