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Celica Supra Wheels?


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Hi all, I'm gonna be picking up a 1200 Sedan in about a week, and although I really love the original 12" wheels with the deluxe hubcaps I do also love a good set of aftermarket wheels, and need snow tires because of the coming winter plus legalities in my area. Since snow tires for 12" wheels aren't a thing anymore I've been looking for cheap but nice looking 13-14" wheels. I found a set of Celica Supra 14's for a reasonable price, but does anyone know it they'll fit under the car without spacers/cutting?If they don't, what other cars with the 4x114.3 bolt pattern have approximately the same backspacing and wheel width? That way I won't just be looking for things that specifically fit a 1200.

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Get them anyway. Is there any chance you could not drive it in the winter?


Just about any Datsun rim would work I would think, even steelies, but most are 13". I say steel because you could leave the winter tires on for next year.  

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They will fit the back pretty easy,,, but unless you cut the bottom of front fender or run extremely low profile tires i believe they will rub the front.. I didn't want to cut my fenders andi think after much trial i found about 175/60/13 was tallest tire that would easily clear. 


I don't know what supras have for offset but i'm thinking we tried them on 70 510 ( 195 or 205/60) and they rubbed ,,,  if it matters my wife and sons have about 6 sets of baby supras between them with various tire sizes  so they have been tried on almost everything with 114.3 

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I'd just go with factory 13" and leave the winter tires on them, just swap wheels in spring and fall.

There are plenty of 155/80r13 snow tires out there still and I'd be shocked if they didn't fit nicely with the 13" factory wheels, it's only an extra .5" in radius after all.

175/70r13s should clear OK as well but for snow/ice you might want the skinny tires to get the ground pressure up a bit.


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