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Composite leaf springs


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Looking for replacement springs for my damaged B210, going through Datsun1200.com there is a discussion of composite leaf springs in their wiki and a topic in the forum but nothing about being purchased or used.


Are composite leaf springs as good or better than OEM? Worth the cost?

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Composites are lighter.... not really a selling point here.

They can be damaged from road debris where a steel one will not.

Composites cannot be re-arched and the spring rate choices are limited.

They are extremely expensive.


No clear advantage when there are so many leaf springs out there that you can build up yourself.  


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On 10/26/2019 at 2:48 PM, datzenmike said:



No clear advantage when there are so many leaf springs out there that you can build up yourself.  



I put re-arched Toyota top springs on F-150 leaves for my 620 SAS and re-arched Datsun rear top springs mounted on F-150 leaves. The unladen camber was 9" and with 33" tires gave 14-16" of additional lift over stock. Four F-150 leaf springs were probably stiff but the tire flex was my suspension.

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Any decent spring shop can repair/replace/modify springs for you.  I used a spring shop here local to me on So Cal, and they added a leaf to my spring pack and re-arc'd them for a 1.5" drop.  Cost was about $150-ish.  The composite set is over $500 if I remember correctly...



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