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Welcome to my son!

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He was born this past Friday and I’ve already gotten him some Datsun  diecasts for when he gets old enough to start playing with cars!  😄

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Congrats. Enjoy your new found forced insomnia. My 9 year old couldent care less about my datsun shes pissed i sold the convertible vett.

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On 10/22/2019 at 4:24 PM, angliagt said:

       Congrats! - From another member in Virginia.

What part of VA are you in?

Im in NOVA


Thanks everyone.  Mother and baby are doing well and I have pitched in a bunch since we also have a 2 yr old daughter.  Gives the wife some time to acclimate to having two kids to take over since she is a stay at home mom now.


I bought some rear seatbelts for the Datsun to use I am just waiting on the dot approved badly material and string to come in.  I can’t say I trust 60 year old belts so I will restore them or Grandma (my mother) will since sewing is her thing plus she has one of those programmable machines to get the pattern just like stock.  I also have some stock front belts with the goof ball clip on shoulder strap she will do too.  Going with a different color of string and the belt material isn’t straight black either... why not make it my own.  Anyway I got off topic.  Real seatbelts are needed for a car seat for when he gets a bit older.  Now if I could just find some seats that flipped forware...  I figure my car has 4 door front seats with clearly aftermarket head rests given the cheap (even for Datsun) head rest

ost rings... anyway again off topic lol..  just tired.  Thanks again to all of you for the well wishes.

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