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Cluck when letting out clutch

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I recently put a 5 speed in my 73 620 and the motor is tilted a little towards the rear. should I raise the trans up at the mount to get the engine level? I have noticed a bit of a clunk when shifting in the first few gears. center bearing is good but I'm wondering about the u joints, they are original, I think, but look fine. 100k miles. Rear end has some slop, about a half inch.


I plan to order ujoints for back up at least, any recommendations from rockauto or napa?



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 Misalignment of transmission to front driveshaft will cause vibration not clunking.


Check the engine to transmission mounting bolts... it's super easy to miss tightening them or one thinking someone else did it.


Check engine and transmission mounts are tight.


Check rear springs for broken leaves.


Are the rear chocks worn out?


Center bearing is almost always good but the rubber surround usually isn't.


Should look like...



Often looks...



Definitely change the U joints. You may find something only when they are out. Try to get ones you can grease.

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A half inch of play in the pinion flange(rearend?) is a lot, when my C200 had a lot of play the drive line made this clanging sound like a bell or wind chime, it turned out the carrier that the ring gear is bolted to was wasted and I had to get another carrier, the shaft in the carrier that holds the spider/side gears(not the ones the axle slide into) had ovaled the holes and the shaft was also broke in half.

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Cluck when letting out clutch?

Check to see if there's a rooster in the trunk. Bah dump bump tshhh.


At only 100K its not likely the Dif unless the case leaked and dumped the oil. With a clunk like you describe, replacing the U-joints is the best place to start and hopefully it''ll do the trick.


Rock Auto vs NAPA you'll likely get the same part from both so its a matter of preference. The NAPA a block away from me is so bad I go another mile to PepBoys just to avoid them, so there's my $.02 worth. 



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