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So, cool horn buttons can be kind of expensive. Something with a logo you like can easily be $15-20, and something custom is usually more like $30-40. So what to do? 


Well, you're a cheap bastard Datsun owner, so just make your own! 😁


I started with a RDT button because you can get them on ebay for about $5, and they have an important feature you will see shortly...






Use a sharp knife or tiny screwdriver to pop the logo out, but make sure you save it...






Now use that logo to trace out the size/shape you need from something else. For this experiment, I just printed out some sakuras on plain paper...






Now very carefully cut that out and use some simple glue (like Elmer's white glue) to stick it down to the button...






Now here's a pro tip I learned the hard way, resin will soak into paper and make it look splotchy and gross. 😁


So if you use printed paper like I did, you have to coat it with something first. I used this because I had some handy, it dries quickly, and dries very hard and clear. 




Now you need to find a very level spot in your house (garage floor usually works well), and two identical height things to prop it up on (I used two spray paint lids) to keep it perfectly level for at least 12 hours. 


Once you do that, get some good clear resin (I used this because it has a UV coating built in), mix it per the directions, and carefully pour it into the button. 





If you want the cool rounded over effect common on most aftermarket horn buttons, you have to pour in a tiny bit too much. Hence the need to have it perfectly level. 






What I did was pour just enough in to get it to roll out to the edges on it's own, then a few drops extra. This kept it all inside the lip mentioned in step #1. Be sure to pour it in very slowly, a little bit at a time, because most clear resins take 12-24 hours to get hard so you have plenty of time to add more if you need it. If you put in too much, you're screwed, 😂



One more tip is if you use something that doesn't let resin soak into it, like a sticker/decal, you won't have to coat it or glue it down, which will save you a few steps. 😁

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