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Valve lash 'hot' adjustment results: 'ticking' sounds!?!?

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22 hours ago, datzenmike said:

1/ Choke is is on and not shutting off fully when engine warms. May need adjusting. May not have power to the choke heater. May be dirty linkage and stuck.


Do I understand  -  "Choke On" is when that upper plate is horizontal and closing the chamber, right?  "Off " is when that plate is vertical.   I can observe this plate opening during warm up and the idle drops from about 1800 to 1200.  I think this is what is supposed to happen.


Will get some carb cleaner and spray as you recommend.  I did alot of spray cleaning when I had the carb off and replaced gaskets.  Maybe missed this port?

Couldn't hurt to do it again.   


Might this high rough idle be attributed to vacuum leaks also?  If so, where should I 'test' for leaks?





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Choke on = closed.


I have yet to see a fast idle caused by a vacuum leak.... here's why. The idle mixture is fastest and smoothest when the mixture is 14.7 parts air to one part fuel. This is the perfect mixture where all the gas and all the oxygen in the air are completely burned together. An engine idle speed and mixture will be set to this.


So, when a carburetor comes loose or the gasket fails or there is a crack and more air gets in, the perfect air fuel mixture is upset and goes lean and is diluted and doesn't burn as well. How can adding more air make more power and raise the idle speed???? Well it can't and any time a vacuum hose has fallen off my engine it will stall at stops.


The only way the idle can increase from a vacuum leak is if the mixture is too rich to begin with.

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