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Dave's silver 260z


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You guys may remember Dave's two 510's, he sold both of them and recently bought this 260z.  These are his two old 510's. 










He drove this one home for 600 bucks!  Wow it was a score!!!




















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He works at a action yard now.  Usually all the cars are pretty lame.  Well.... for once something cool went through and he was able to buy it.  Not at the normal steel it price but it's a gem!  It's got a lot of door dings for only being on the road for such a short time.  It's a 74 of coarse since it's a 260z and it was parked in a storage container in 82!!!  It was an auto and didn't run.  Since he had his fill of L motors and it didn't run he picked up a S15 SR20DET with 6 speed.  He bought an installation kit off Ebay.  Actually that's why I'm doing this thread, the kit was terrible!!!  I tried calling and email the company.  No response even though you can still buy it on Ebay.....  The motor sat over an inch further down then the crossmember.....  I've since redone the mounts, modified the chassis a little, and built a trans mount out of a T3 mount I bought for my 510 but it was so bad I didn't use.  Here are some pics.   The striped are painted on.  
















Z's have a nice shelf for tools.







Motor mounts before I made them 1" taller. 







Shop helper.  He likes the red glasses. 






had to notch the crossmember.  I did it before I modified there kit.  Didn't realize it was so bad.....  Dave had piles of spacers to make it fit decent...  






Gotta make sure sparks don't land on it! 





Had to modify the hood latch shelf.  






Gotta get the driveline angle correct




Best I could do.  It's all green though!!! 













New trans crossmember before I cleaned it up and painted it.  











And last I got the radiator modified.  I like to aim the hoses close but I like to keep as much rubber as possible for engine flex.  







Can't wait to see it on the ground!   I made some coilovers.  Gotta find the pictures.  













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3 hours ago, ]2eDeYe said:

So what was wrong with the kit? 


It mounted the engine 1.25" to low.  The pan was below the stock crossmember by 1.25"!!!  I don't know if you've looked under a decently low Z...  The crossmember doesn't have much clearance.  I thought I had a pic of it but can't find it.  I'll keep looking.   



34 minutes ago, Eric said:

and which brand was it? i am after a kit as wel but probably be better of fixing one myself maybe?



This kit.  DR concepts,  Pure shit.  After I fixed the issue now their dumb crossmember is the lowest point.  Something tells me I will be back into it....   





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1 minute ago, ]2eDeYe said:

That is unfortunate.

I don't see how that trans crossmember would work after looking at how you did it. 


I don't know either.  Dave cut the factory mounts off the car becuase he was trying to make their mount work.  I didn't get a chance to see it.  

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20 hours ago, hobospyder said:

You redid your driveway and installed a lift? I need to go to your place more often


Dude you need a lift!  So nice.  I'm already wondering why I didn't buy one years ago.  

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