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JDM at the ADM in El Segundo, CA 9/28/2019

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JDM at the Automobile Driving Museum on September 28, 2019.

Car Show open to all Japanese Vehicles!

Join us for our 4th Annual Japanese Car Show at the Automobile Driving Museum!

Live Music! Japanese Food Trucks! Awards! and MOREEEE!

Best 60s
Best 70s
Best 80s
Best 90s
Best 00s
Best Itasha
Best in Show
People’s Choice


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How have I never heard of this? Anyone ever been?

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And, on Sundays they offer rides in their museum pieces.  Cool way to be sure the engines get sufficient turnover.

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I'm going since I can't make JCCS this year.  I'm interested in seeing the museum, too.


You throw in an East LA Japanese food truck, that's a win in my book.





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And, for a bonus you get to drive by the almost invisible Los Angeles Air Force Base !  Yes, it does exist.

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Stanley’s still in the shop so I won’t be taking him. Dangit! I may drive out there and check it out anyway if nothing comes up. I never knew about this museum.

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I was watching the news and (so far) the weatherman is predicting a 30% chance of rain for Saturday.   I know it's a few days out, but that really would suck if it's raining Saturday..

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Turnout for today's JDM @ ADM show in El Segundo was smaller than last year, probably because of the weather, which actually turned out to be quite pleasant with overcast skies, just a few bouts of light drizzle, and temps in the low '70s. The parking lot to the south of the ADM wasn't even used this year, whereas it was full last year. Some folks I spoke to who came from points north reported brief rain showers (like, wipers ON), which is unusual for SoCal this time of year, but probably kept more than a few "I never drive it in the rain" owners parked in their garages. Those of you in the great PNW will surely scoff, and all those no shows deserve it if you ask me!  


At any rate, here's some Datsun's and a few Nissans I got mostly in focus. 


Abe Froman had impeccable timing and scored pole position with his Bluebird Coupe.







This '68 510 4-door done up in early '80s blacked out chrome trim style, took the Best '60s award. 



Mr. K's iconic 240Z with G-nose and wire wheels.





Cool 2+2 Z.



Ratsun 521 with period camper shell and plenty of ratshit going on.



Clean debadged S13.



NA SR powered 510.



Mostly stock 260Z sporting Libres.



Little Red Wagon.



B13 SE-R.





B14 SE-R.





Not sure if this turbo Z won an award, but body and paint were impressive, and it sounded mean.



The Shack-mobile.



Zeke, with a view of the awards proceedings.




View from the back of the awards ceremony with some of the Itasha cars in the foreground.



...and tacos served up fresh off the Impala grill! 



All-in-all it was a pretty chill show. Too bad the weather put a damper on turnout. Next year they plan to shut the whole street down, so stay tuned...

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...and a few non-Datsun/Nissans of note.


Immaculately preserved Mazda 626 2-door 5-speed with 58k miles. Looked minty showroom fresh. Took home an award, deservedly so.



Honda Prelude Si was nearly as minty fresh. I think this was maybe an '85?  That interior...





Toyota Carina.



'73 Toyota Corolla SR. One of the nicest cars of the show IMO.





A very nice Mazda RX4.



Early Liftback Celica with 1JZ.






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Thanks for the pics! It looks like it was a pretty good show overall. 

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