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Differential Issues (720 pick-up)

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Hello Guys,


I'm new inside the fascinating nissan 720 world and here is the thing,

Recently I've got myself a nissan 720 4x4 1984 model, but the rear diff makes an horrible noise

the question is, Can I swap a 1986 720 2wd rear diff to my 1984 4wd truck? The thing is where I live there are no many options to get

a rear diff besides this '86 truck.

I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.

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Best thing will be find a 4wd differential and swap it if that's where the problem is.


The 2wd truck will have the leaf spring mounts on the bottom of the axle housing, as opposed to the 4wd having the leaf spring mounts on top of the axle housing.


The pinion flange may be a different size, and the gear ratio will be likely be higher (3.7, 3.88, etc) vs the 4.11 you probably have from the factory. This will be a no-go since your rear axle ratio absolutely has to match your front diff ratio to avoid binding when in 4wd. You can check under your hood on the pass fender for the info plate. It will say axle or such and have the trans code then a code with two letters and two numbers. Mine is from my 84 4wd king cab parts truck and has the CA41 code which is 4.11 gears. 2EIXxfZ.jpg

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Is the noise coming from the gears? If so, you can just swap the center section as long as the gear ratio is the same. Or swap it and don’t use the 4wd until you find the proper gear set.

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First of all check the oil level, it may just be low and filling it may reduce the noise.



4x4 after Oct.'82 use a 4.11 C-200 Salisbury differential, the 2wd use an H-190 third member with nothing above 3.90 two totally different axles.



Drain the differential and remove the cover plate. If making enough noise to hear it may also be visible that something's wrong.

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