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Joe fink

72 510 wagon vg30e

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Hello folks. New to this page and wanted to ask a few question and get some more direction with a swap I am doing. 


Start with the information. I am attempting to swap out the engine from a 72 510 wagon. I am putting in the VG30E engine. So far I have an engine , transmission ( manual ) , harness , computer , & an oil pan from a 200sx. I plan on having electric cooling fans , K&N cold air intake. 


I wanted Ted to ask if anyone has a source for engine and transmission mounts ,exhaust manifolds / headers , throttle cable , and shift linkage. Also I want to keep it fuel injected. So do you guys know of anywhere I can send the computer out to for modification ? I plan to eliminate all smog components as needed so I would like to have an LED for the check engine light. 


Thank you you very much for sharing your experience with me. I’ll be sure to add pics and what not as this job moves along. 

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Why would you think the EFI  'computer' would need to be sent out for anything???? Have never heard of doing this. Swap everything over and it will run just like the vehicle it came from.


Have never heard of a VG having a check engine light either.



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Essentially he wants to delete all the smog and any codes that would come up in the ECU from doing that. 

Check engine light for the KA stuff is in the ECU. 

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Yes exactly I would like be able to use the on board diagnostics. So deleting the California smog stuff would need to happen. 


About to remove the the original engine tomorrow. Still have to order some stuff though. Mounts that came out of the donor are broken may switch intakes for clearance issues. 

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Experimental Engineering makes motor mounts (to use with stock 510 mounts), a transmission crossmember and oil pan. That will get the motor in the car. They also have misc good stuff - tension control rod kit, idler arm kit, and headers.


They make really nice stuff.


You can PM me and I will try to answer any questions since EE is a one person shop and it is very difficult to get a hold of them.




I am only doing this to help them out since he has been a friend for almost 20 years (and I am using his parts on my VG33 swap into my '72 510 wagon).

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