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How to remove KING CAB plastic panels

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c71Rnny.jpgThese suckers are tricky to get off without breaking the plastic push tabs that hold them in. Here's what to do and what not to do. 


First, you need to get the king cab window weather molding out of the way.


Remove the king cab window from the inside. Be careful and do not drop it! It will fall onto the ground and break if you don't pay attention. Don't do that. 




Next, carefully remove the weather stripping. Don't tear it. Do you want water inside your cab? No, you don't. 




Ok, now you have enough room to work with in order to get tools behind the King Cab plastic panel. 


Next, you'll need a small pick with 90 degree angle. The KING CAB logo piece needs to be removed first before you can remove the larger plastic panel.


The clips on the small KING CAB piece can be released by sliding the pick behind them. You'll need to push or pull the clip in the appropriate direction. Be careful not to break the clips. I released the clip closest to me first, then slid the pick in farther to release the second clip. USy4eMT.jpgfnrgzRQ.jpg9i4Na0j.jpglRVm8Ns.jpg


Ok, now you have access to the two screws on the lower part of the plastic panel. Remove these. Easy. 


The next part requires some patience or you're going to break the push clips... so if you're already frustrated for some reason then now's the time to take a breather, grab a beer, have a smoke, etc. 


Ok, now that we've got our minds right... you'll need a long flathead screwdriver, preferably a thin one. 

There are 3 plastic push tabs that you'll need to release. One at the top in the center, and two in the middle. 



You'll notice that the top tab is broken and one of the middle tabs is broken. Don't be this guy.


Here is where they fasten to the truck. 



Ok, now you know how it goes together so let's take it apart. 

Slide that flat head screwdriver behind the panel. Start with the top and be careful not to break the thin vent pieces on the side of the panel! YfNZYgY.jpg


You're gonna need to SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY use the flathead to twist the plastic tab loose. Be patient because this sh*t is old!


Do not pry it loose. Twist the head of the screwdriver to free the tab. It should look like this when done. The "white" plastic shroud might stay in the cab hole and that's ok. zLPDish.jpg


Alright, now we gotta do the same thing to the middle two tabs. CAREFULLY twist the head of the screwdriver to release the tabs. Partially release the tab closest to you, then partially release the other one. Keep working back and forth until you get them loose. DON'T DROP THE PANEL WHEN IT COMES LOOSE. This thing will hit the freaking garage floor quick fast in a hurry. Pay attention. 



That's it! If the little plastic shrouds stay stuck in the cab and you want to get them out, just use the pick. iTCq35k.jpg



And you're done. Hopefully you didn't break anything! 

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I would have put this in 720 where 720 owners are. Not everyone goes to the 'how to' on the chance you might find something about the 720.

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1 minute ago, 720_Jeff said:

Excellent write-up!  It is appreciated!

No problem. Hope it helps some ppl. 

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On 9/7/2019 at 1:07 PM, datzenmike said:

I would have put this in 720 where 720 owners are. Not everyone goes to the 'how to' on the chance you might find something about the 720.

I suggested that he put the writeup here.


Great writeup TimmyG!  Thank you.  I need to replace on on my 86 DD.


Mike having it in both places would be perfect in my opinion.  Locking it so he does not have a million questions might be best also.

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