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14 hours ago, Easygoingjc said:

Thanks! The ebay listing doesn't sell to Canada. I guess we try the other link. Thanks for the help.

Much appreciated.


How many do you need?

I have 2 extra ... I'll ship to Canada...

Whats the issue with shipping to Canada?

Hell If you need 4 I'll buy them for you and reship if you really want.....

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9 minutes ago, Crashtd420 said:

Hey try this one... says ships world wide...



I'll keep this in mind.

The first link seems quite good.plus they are a based in Vancouver so I wouldn't have to pay duty or as much to mail it to me. They also have other parts I my need to weather seal this truck.


Need to get this things running first.


Being an HVAC tech this is busy season so time is limited on the truck untill a/c start up is done.



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The grill for this truck came in pieces. I plastic welded it back together with a low wattage soldering iron and some ABS plumbing pipe. I could sand it down and fill the imperfections but that isn't fitting for this rough little truck. I am going to leave it visible like a battle wound. qHh9aRR.jpgrQl9Jw3.jpgOy7PDwI.jpg38jn64b.jpgZkCNx1w.jpgoz8vU4T.jpg

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  • 3 months later...

Lots of work done last weekend. My brother came down and helped out.

-rear diff changed over

-new brakes all the way around

-e-brakes installed and working

- close ratio 5 speed just because I had it.

- l20b installed

-hardbody bucket seats installed for now untill the bench is rebuilt

-cabmounts repaired

-master and clutch cyclinders rebuilt

-Door locks changed over from the hardbody

-hardbody ingnition switch installed

-got spark

-started  dch340 rebulid


-much more to do


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On 5/28/2020 at 6:04 AM, Crashtd420 said:

Whats the issue with shipping to Canada?

I've come across this problem also with getting my replacement rubber body mounts shipped from Thailand. There are warehouses across the border where you can get stuff shipped to to get around that problem. Guessing its because its rubber??


You can avoid paying duty by referencing this:





My post about the socket was a little late to the game - what ya get for not paying attention!

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