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Sunshine, the bright yellow King Cab [now with sr20]


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Hi everyone, yesterday my '79 620 King Cab from Texas was delivered to my house in the Netherlands.

Bought it a few months ago and because of some issues with the paperwork and transporting company it took a while for it to finally be delivered.

Offcourse i had a few pictures and a walk around video from the seller but finally being able to see it myself was pretty exciting.






First pictures in the Netherlands, looking pretty sad with a rattle can paint job and dirty from standing for quite a while.

Unfortunately i found out there was a big crack in the windscreen which i didn't see in the pictures i got from the seller.


All the time i was hoping i could bring back the original paint because i really wanted a yellow truck. So i put her in the workshop and with a piece of waterproof sandpaper and a bucket of water i got to work and this was the result after a few minutes






The yellow was back!! 

Happy me 🙂

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So now to get her running because it is a non runner now..


I made some pictures in the engine bay of all the unconnected hoses and hoping everyone here can help me identify what goes where. I am no stranger to Datsun but i have never seen this much loose hoses and i can't identify all the parts in the engine bay, pretty sure all is smog related.










And off course, you gotta have your Fram filters in order 🙂




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Been sanding a lot the last days to get the spray paint off. Getting there slowly.






And first parts arrived, set of front hubs from a D21 hardbody. Planning on doing a n SR20DE swap soon so need more stopping power. D21 has vented two piston brakes. No i have them too, must find a set of calipers first.












Also took out the autobox and L20B, bolted a 4 speed manual box to the L20B with L24 flywheel and clutch. Needs to have the original engine to get the truck roadlegal here.

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Not too much happened in the meantime. Took of the rear drum brake covers. Rear brakes were seized so that was quite a lot of work. Need new cilinders or rebuild old ones.

Took of one of the front spindles and i need new upper and lower balljoints. The problem is the 620 was never sold here, so i went to carparts shop and explained them what i needed. Found the Moog part number for balljoints on rockauto.com. Looks like the same balljoints are used on 720, D21, and Pathfinders so i ordered a set of those. Will see if that fits.

Now after a set of D21 front brakes to complete the D21 spindles and brake conversion. All hard to find parts here and ordering from Rockauto costs a lot of shipping.


Will take apart the rest of the front suspension tomorrow and see what else need refurbish or replacing. 

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Bruh. Lower balljoints didn't fit so now i ordered some parts from Rockauto. Delivery cost is just too much but now i am sure i get what fits and can continue this. Needs to be up and running otherwise i get bored with it and it will be put in a corner and i have to buy something else to entertain myself.

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Finally some progress, 


Bought a badly rusted parts truck. Since the 620 was never officially sold in the country i live in it was quite surprising to find a parts truck for sale only a day away driving from my house. So i bought that. Truck was to big to fit the van so i cut it in half.









The parts truck had a guard frame on it, so i tried mounting that on my truck but it didn't fit as expected, maybe a should bend it a bit to make it fit better. 




Ordered a set of engine mounts, gearbox mount and alternator bracket from @]2eDeYe to fit an S15 sr20de in my truck, mounts were delivered 2 days ago, great quality and came with free Ratsun stickers 🙂

Took out the steering linkage, that was quite a lot of work, and after that there was room enough for the new engine.

So after a bit of shoehorning the sr20 is almost on its final location.




It's all a very tight fit. If i ever need to remove it i will probably make the front of the car removable for much easier access, gearbox only barely fits between the torsion bars, exhaust manifold and O2 sensor almost hit steering parts etc.

Next job is to bolt down the new engine mounts, fix the driveshaft, look for a radiator that fits and take care of the leaking fuel tank.

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Time for some updating, had the sr20 in with a set of motor mounts from Redeye, but i wasn't completely satisfied with them. So together with Stephen the mounts got a little redesign and now they fit like expected. Very happy with Redeyes customer service (Y)




sorting out wires 






and driveshafts




Flipped steering link with tapered inserts




and all new dust boots and fresh grease




rebuild master brake cilinder










Still lots of other stuff, clutch cilinders, clutch pedal, brake lines, cleaning and refitting gas tank, fix all switches and lights in side the cab, build an exhaust, and lots more.





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  • 4 weeks later...

New stuff happened, 


New taillights:








New driveshaft:




and new brakelines for parking brake:




and both of them are the same length. If anyone is wondering.



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I imagine they would be so the pull action is balanced. To keep them from seizing use every time you stop and park and keep adjusted. Use keeps them shiny.

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