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Rear window seal question?


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Hey fellas getting ready to install my rear window with Datsport seal.

My question is the seal sets kinda of funky on the rounded edges on the bottom section of glass.

Here's a photo not sure if I incorrectly installed  the seal?  Or its supposed to do that? This is my first time attempting to install front and rear glass.



48654169643_9735c6bf10.jpgIMG_5837 by v p, on Flickr


48653959798_7e5d21751b.jpgLS by v p, on Flickr

48653962523_f31f21cc33.jpgRS by v p, on Flickr

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I have only done glass install about 4 times and IIRC, the weather strip seemed a little loose before installation on one or two of them. Bear in mind that these are 1200's I am talking about.

In your pic it looks like the seal wants to roll off at the corner.....is that what you are asking about? OR, is it that the outside part is covering more than the inside part.

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Yeah it seems like it wants to roll off. To answer your second question yes. I  removed the seal. Gonna use a little water with light soap to help massage the seal in better hopefully that will do the trick. Thanks for replying. 


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