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What is that, like 3 inch backspacing on a 10 inch wide rim?  Pretty great take on that style rim.  I have some western wheels 15x10 with 4.25 inch backspacing.  Ran them for a bit on my 720,  but with 31x10.5s they rubbed decently.

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On 1/29/2022 at 5:53 PM, Lockleaf said:

What is that, like 3 inch backspacing on a 10 inch wide rim?  Pretty great take on that style rim.  I have some western wheels 15x10 with 4.25 inch backspacing.  Ran them for a bit on my 720,  but with 31x10.5s they rubbed decently.

 I haven't thrown a tape on it, but I'd put money on it that you're right as far as somewhere between 3-4" backspacing 👍 

I'm still a ways away from picking a final set and going with one for ole Blue but I'm also an idiot for a great deal on another set of wheels 😂 I'm ok with rubbing because I'm ok with choppin out stuff that gets in the way of how I want the 'stance' of the truck in the end. 


23 hours ago, ]2eDeYe said:

Love me some turbines B)

I do too! Glad to finally have a set in the collection. Thanks for the stickers btw!


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Got most of the parts needed to support the Beebani kit:


Was trying to go all Moog but some parts they don't have in catalogs so you gotta call around to dealers. A few I got in contact with didn't have them in stock and were calling around so I just snagged some off RockAuto from Mevotech. Those looking for the part numbers this is what I came up with:

  • 720 Front Lower Ball Joints x2 - Mevotech MK9045
  • D21 Front Upper Ball Joint x2 - Moog 9022
  • D21 Outer Tie rod Ends x2 - Moog ES3052 (not pictured)

I will just need to swing by a junkyard and get the remaining spindles & hubs off a d21 as I can't find anywhere online to buy new or even refurbished. But the nice weather is finally here so that means it's easier to do without wallowing in rain and mud. Also means it's finally time to get back to work on'er.

Bonus: heard from my wiring guy and he's getting close on the mil-spec harness 👍

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Annnnnd talked myself into it lol. Belltech 2" drop spindles are on the way 😂

Been calling around a bit this week to try and source some parts. Bro took some time today to help me at the junkyard and out of the 3 there we were lucky enough to find one that was worth pulllin' parts off of. 


Snagged everything from the hubs forward so the dust shields / hubs / bearings (which looked good but I'll replace anywho) / rotors / brakes.


Just like the bearings I'll get new rotors as well as likely upgrade to some Willwoods. The rest will be refurbished. As soon as the Spindles get here it's everything needed to start chopping and get into the mock-up on the suspension. 

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On 4/15/2022 at 10:50 PM, thisismatt said:

Everyone always gets new rotors, but I say clean those up and run them if they're to spec. They might be oem or brembo...not Chinese trash 🤷‍♂️

Super good point. 

Drop spindles got here today


Buuuut me being me I came across somethin on Marketplace. Will share the update once it goes though...

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Posted (edited)

So I managed to stumble across the 'missing' bed / tail gate / tail lights from Ole Blue here, and went and swooped it up today. 


Redline280z from up the street let me steal his trailer for a bit and my Bro and I went and picked it up.

I was surfin' Facebook Marketplace and this was the first picture I saw for a listing:


And the paintjob instantly caught my attention. So I clicked though the pictures and sure enough it's a mislabeled 521 bed that a guy has a ways south of me so I messaged him to see if it was still available. Took about a week to get some answers and set a plan to check it out. 

Apparently he builds cars/trucks and bought it off a guy a few years ago who was "building a Datsun Drift truck". He didn't remember the guys name so I can't say it's 100% but that's what the Craigslist listing was for "free" 3 years ago. Never seen another truck bed painted like it so it's good enough for me. 

Picture of the day I got the truck in May 2019: 


And the bed in the end of April 2022:


I already have  a bed from Ted - but I would rather rock the one that came with / matches this little fucker. Only problem with the matching bed is the passenger lower rear apron has a little whiskey dent in it - but that's super easy to fix. Real fuckin' happy about this one 👍


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Nothing major to repot as my bro is busy working on 'client' cars like the guys from up the street / and their friend's 510 so I'm still amassing parts. 


Quite a bit of 'luck' though. Rob @ TracTuff finally did a re-run of his super low-profile k series aluminum oil caps so I snagged one of those instead of scouring the 2nd hand market, and then my friend from LonelyDriver - Binh hooked it up with some Number7 oil cap stickers when I snagged a plate frame for the daily.


So I did the ole paper trick with a pencil to get the correct diameter of the interior of the Tractuff oil cap


and after a bit of triming I got a goood template for the space needed that the Number7 sticker would cover


Lots of little trimming and taking my time I got it perfect. It was a son of a bitch to try and stick to the corner of the cap but It came out perfect 👌


Slapped it on the GITD cover and it looks better than I imagined


With the JBlood Kevlar plug cover hiding the 'honda' badge I think I know which one will be going in ole blue:



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  • 1 month later...

A little of this


a little of that


gets us here


bro chopped some more


That gets us to where I need to go back in and finish grinding everything smooth. still gotta lop off the exhaust hanger on the driver side rear and straighten the lower channel corner. 

Got some yard art goin on with a floorless 6 wheel lol


Anyone need a stock 620 rear?

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