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Need insight on wheel offset.

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Hey everyone, i am wondering about what offset to get on 16x8 for my 71 510 wagon. Zx front brakes with coilovers and stock rear suspension with 2in lowering blocks. I want a flush look without any rubbing. Is it possible? Any insight is greatly appreciated. Tnx

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All you need is a strait edge, and a tape measure to figure this.

Remove a rear wheel, put the strait edge on the wheel mount surface, and measure in to the leaf spring, and inner fender surface.

Then out to the outer fender inner lip.

All wheel widths are measured by the inner lip, so you need to add aprox. 1 inch to the advertised width, so your 8" wheel will measure 9".

You are asking about a zero off set wheel, that makes it easy, as you just divide 9" by 2, or 4.5 inches, which will be the minimum distance you need to anything.

To be safe, toy should increase that to 4.75" to have a little clearance beyond the actual wheel, and if you do something silly, and put way more tire on the car then it will ever need, then you have to add for sidewall bulge.


So, on the rear, you will need a minimum of 4.75" from the wheel mount surface, to the inner sheet metal, and leaf springs.

Same on the outside to the fender, unless you want to stretch it out using a roller. But be careful, I've seen a lot of nice cars screwed up because people using fender rollers wrong.


Do the same on the front, but you will have to go to the strut tube, and if not above the tire, to the spring cup.

I kind of doubt you will fit 8" wheels under the stock sheet metal on a 510, but it has been 20 years since I mounted wheels on one.

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8" is just doable if done right. By right I mean one or two ways verses an infinite amount of screwed up ways. The odds are not good. So do your homework and remember: MAKE THE WHEELS FIT THE CAR NOT THE CAR FIT THE WHEELS. You may even have different offsets front to back with the zx struts. If this is the case you might even run slightly smaller width tires on the front. Visually this will have the subtle effect of making the rears look wider.

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Just to give you some visual perspective here is my wagon with 2" lowering blocks fitted with 6x14 et10 wheels and 205/50 Nitto NT01 tires.




As previous posters suggest, now is the time to measure and do the math.

8" wide with et0 will have the rim out 15mm more than mine.


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On 8/6/2019 at 10:56 AM, rosso said:

here is my wagon with 2" lowering blocks fitted with 6x14 et10 wheels

8" wide with et0 will have the rim out 15mm more than mine.



No.... a 14x6 +0 would be 10mm more …. so a 14x8 +0 would be 34mm more 

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