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Is this rod knock


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Check your valve lash. Sounds like that. Doesn't get louder under load only speeds up when revved


Rods before they are totally trashed, tend to make louder sounds under load or suddenly letting off on the gas.


Exhaust leak is always louder under load.

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Get a couple of wrenches, a screwdriver and some feeler gauges. You've nothing to loose doing this and if the rod's fucked this won't hurt it. 😄


Warm engine thoroughly and set engine to TDC compression on  #1. Take valve cover off and quickly adjust both valves on #1 to 0.012'. Adjust the intake on #2 and the exhaust on #3.


Turn the engine exactly ONE turn to TDC and adjust all the other valves not yet adjusted.


You should easily be able to complete this before the engine cools. Beats bumping the engine over... and over... and over.

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