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Engine Rebuild, Piston Press Fit Wrist Pins


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Quick question does anyone know if these “Press Fit” style piston wrist pins have a specific orientation based on the piston itself? There’s a marking on one side and two of the four pistons are a bit harder to spin on the connecting rod. I was just curious if anyone’s run into this problem and if it could actually cause a seized piston-connecting rod connection. Thanks in advance. 

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Nothing specific. Pin pushes into piston and is pressed tightly through top of rod and then slip fits into the other side of the piston. The pin should rotate in the piston and to a certain extent it can slide side to side but tight fit into the rod. I've pressed some out and it was 1,200 to 1,400 lbs.


The pistons have a small notch that goes to the front. The rod has an oil hole just above one of the rod cap bolts. This should be on the right or spark plug side on an L series engine.



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