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Grease for moving electrical switches and contacts


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I’m rebuilding a combination switch, swapping parts from a newer one into mine, since I couldn’t find a good used one that is compatible to my truck, but a lot of the components in the newer incompatible version swap right over.


I want to re-grease the moving plastic parts, and some of the moving parts have electrical contacts as well. I’ve always wondered what grease is the correct grease to use when you need to “conduct” electricity and lube plastic mechanical parts. 


I was reading that I should not use silicon based grease for electrical contacts and I should use a higher temp higher viscosity grease. 


I imderstsnd dielectric grease is actually an electrical insulator, so I don’t want to use that. 


Any ideas?

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Probably dielectric grease. I think Permatex sells it in a tube. I rub it on my nipples (and plug leads). Its a very good insulator to keep spark in and water out. It does not prevent contact in switches or plug connections but it does seal out air and moisture that can cause corrosion.

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