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620 Widebody on Youtube


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I like that they used the 620 parts, just made it wider. I hope to God that they triangulate the 1/2" plate area.


These guys sound like they know what they are doing, but the lack of tools and facilities makes them come off like total rookies. One rookie mistake I saw was at 4:13, while cutting the frame rail, he had the cutoff wheel going the wrong direction. Obviously he's never had one kick back into his face before. That hurts bad. I woke up on the shop floor once after being hit in the head with a grinder.

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While their load paths aren't super clean, I'd say it will be plenty strong. 
Especially if I compare it to a lot of those subframe swaps I have seen at carshows lol. 

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It may sound like I'm trash talking these guys all the time, but I am not. Anybody who thinks this far out of the box has my vote.


But they do chase their tails a lot.


When you know you're going to cut into a frame, the first thing you do is prop it up, level it off in all directions, map its location on the shop floor with a plumb bob and most importantly, DON"T MOVE IT until you've got the mods done. I built six custom adjustable jack stands just for this purpose, using acme thread for the adjusters. Also, instead of cheap, plastic bubble levels, you could use a laser level to make sure the front section is flat with the rear section, and I'm surprised they did not do this.


Actually, I'm not surprised at all....

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You have a lot of experience that most, sounds like constructive criticism to me. 

I think this is there first full rodeo. lol. 

I think back on some of the stuff I first fabbed and can relate.  😐

What size acme thread? 1"?  Any pics? 




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Yeah, I remember hacking some shit together too. I also remember this uneasy feeling when I knew I could be doing it better.


The first four I made used 1" acme thread, then I made two smaller stands with 3/4" thread. I use the smaller ones to help level things out, but the big ones carry the load.






You can see, they are quite handy.











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I drove 2x4s in the back yard and leveled the frame to put a SAS in the front. 


46 minutes ago, ]2eDeYe said:

Don't look Mike! lol 




  Is it a 620 in name only yet??? 

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2 hours ago, datzenmike said:

I drove 2x4s in the back yard and leveled the frame to put a SAS in the front. 



  Is it a 620 in name only yet??? 


Whatever works.


1 hour ago, sebpv said:

RIP windshield and back window. They must be pitted like crazy by now. Also RIP Datsun 620. Might as well buy replacement panels and mount them up on a frame...


I do detest those shows on TV where they take a good car and make a show out of tearing it apart only to use some minor body panels. Jesse James has done it, Stacy David was bad too. At least some of the shows make mention that the old parts, if properly removed, can be re-sold.

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But ... there's lots of "fire!"


These two can't really be as dumb as they pretend to be, or their legs would have been crushed under a car held up only by wobbly wood blocks  or such-like long before now.


I just wasted the morning drinking coffee and watching their 620 series. Highly entertaining!


I am waiting for the hospital episode. It's like watching a video clip with a large shark in it. You just never know when the babe in the revealing swimsuit is going to get eaten on camera.


I don't really want to see that, but I can't quite look away, either. 

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On 7/29/2019 at 7:58 AM, datzenmike said:

I love the 620 and these guys have no Datsun love whatever. I couldn't watch it.  


On 9/1/2019 at 12:32 PM, datzenmike said:

This is the long way to end up with a narrowed/shortened GMC frame and drive train with the 620 body on it. It's already close to not being a Datsun at all.


On 9/2/2019 at 7:17 AM, datzenmike said:



Datsun In Name Only


8 hours ago, datzenmike said:


  Is it a 620 in name only yet??? 


No really I can't/won't watch this. How much is original?







Wait for it........

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It may not need them, as I out run LS powered trucks on the freeway all the time with my 620.

To me an LS swap is just a wet dream.

Even the last GTO with the LS7, and the 6-speed trans were easy pray for my non-turbo 3-liter Toyota.

I think a good swap for a chevy pickup would be a Nissan VQ.

But I doubt if the good-ol-buys could handle it.

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20 hours ago, ol' 320 said:


These two can't really be as dumb as they pretend to be, or their legs would have been crushed under a car held up only by wobbly wood blocks  or such-like long before now.


I agree. It's not unique in the automotive media universe to play to the crowd.

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Interesting - did they remove their videos?

Haven't seen the last couple but videos look like they're gone, and I can't even search up their youtube channel either.


edit: looks like the channels been taken down for whatever reason. I imagine it'll be back up eventually - didn't seem like they violated any TOS for youtube

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