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620 on 4x4 Leaves (Hi All!)


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Hey everyone. New guy here, and wanted to say hi and share my project, a ‘78 620 KC. I’ve been on vacation all week, and in customary style I spent every day so far working on my truck. Today I finished my 4x4 leaf spring swap in the rear and wanted to share it.


A lot of the info for this swap I gleaned from ratsun. The reason I’m sharing is because I used a leaf pack from a 1994 Hardbody, and most info pointed towards using 720 leaf packs. The 86-97 4X4 packs do fit.


I had a custom pack that I built for the front end of my my 4x4, but that front end is getting links soon so I am no longer using them. So I thought, what the heck, let’s ditch those 2” lowering blocks on the Datsun and make a new pack.


My rear leaf pack is as follows:


-hardbody main leaf, with Energy Suspension (red) bushings


-another Hardbody main leaf with the eyelets cut down, so they wrap partially onto the main leaf


-hardbody second leaf


-no overload leaf, because I think they look tacky and I’m not hauling a lot in this truck


This leaf pack raised my ride height in the back about half an inch. I’m okay with that, it’s probably because of the second main leaf I used. I also put spring clamps on the pack to keep the leaves from fanning out, which can make the pack stiffer.


Overall, I LOVE it. Much stiffer ride, but still controlled, even with old cheap shocks. Steering response is quicker and the truck rides over bumps more smoothly and stays flat in the corners.


I did have some fun with the metal bushing sleeves for my eyelets. I found out that, if you drill out the stock rubber bushing on the FRONT of the 620 pack, and keep the metal sleeve, it fits perfectly into the REAR of the Hardbody pack and is the perfect size for the 620 shackles.


As for the front, I had to dig into my parts bin. I found a pair of sleeves that fit the Hardbody pack, and accepted a 3/4” bolt. Works for me. 






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