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headlight relay


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Depending on just who and with what the rewiring was done you may have trouble connecting the real headlight relay !  The wiring diagram numbers for the connections have no relationship to the relay wiring tabs physical layout.  If you are at the September JCCS look me up and take as many photos and notes as you like for the correct installation.  I am in original factory configuration.

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This weird relay actually has a valid reason for existence.  If you are driving in city traffic you should not use high beams.  So, put on your first position parking lamp .  If you then toggle high beams you turn on your low beam lights.  This cuts down on battery drain and gasoline waste at stop lights in high cost of gasoline Japan.


This relay is impossible to find.  If you follow the schematic of the relay in the above illustration it is possible to wire up an auxiliary printed circuit board with two 510 headlight relays to perform the same function.

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OK!  that relay schematic is completely wrong!!  Took me hours to figure it out.  quick question and i'll post the correction - when your headlights are on ( full pull ) are your front parking lights on? Pushing the blinker lever forward with parking lights on, turns on driving lights, with the driving lights on, turns on the brights - just like the manual!  does a pull on the blinker lever flash your brights?  or is mine broken?



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