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Nana Spec 69' 510

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Another question...
I'm trying to get an oil pressure/temperature sensor (common VW/Audi sensor) on my datsun l18 motor. The issue is this. The sensor = m10x1.0 straight thread. The engine block = m10x1.0 TAPER thread. So the T adapter I've bought in m10x1.0 straight won't fit and neither will the sensor. I can't seem to find a tapered die in m10x1.0. I could retap the block for a straight thread but I'd risk leaving shavings in the oil gallery. Thoughts?

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Matt should be right unless it was previously modified....

I couldnt find bspt to m10x1,  but I did find NPT to m10x1...




A bspt thread can be chased by an equivalent npt tap size and will create new threads with minimal effort...

Put a little grease on the tap and just go slow, go a turn in remove tap and clean off the chips... check thread engagement with the adapter so you dont go to far...


The math to me doesnt seem good to try drill and tap the block for the m10...


Is there a reason your trying to use vw sensor?

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Been working on the electrics lately. After replacing my 55amp alternator with a HUGE 100amp unit from a GU Patrol. I also changed the battery cables over to much beefier gauge. Having done so I still had a red hot fuel pump relay and melting fuse. So I bit the bullet and replaced my Raceworks 502 (044) style pump. 250LPH (600hp) and way too many amps. So my local parts shop fixed me up 155LPH Walbro they had laying at cost price.


Bye bye wire cooker...



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Thought you might like to hear about my Saturday. People from my car club were invited to help run a stage rally in the pine forests at Oberon. I was supervising a closed road to make sure other traffic didn't stray onto the road and watch out for accidents. The weather in the forest was sublime. It warmed up to about 20degC (68F), there was very little cloud and a slight breeze. Just enough to blow the dust off the trails and not in my direction. 




There were a heap of Datsuns/Nissans. Three 510s, two Stanza/Violets, an S13 Sylvia and a N14 Pulsar hatch. This was alongside lots of Evos, WRXs, Celicas and Escorts. Unfortunately my phone was working properly and I forgot my camera. Here's a few pics I was able to take. 










I have to say, the best part of the day was actually getting to and from Oberon. I had needed to leave home pretty early to get there and of course I was running late. On the way home, I was yet again running late. Between the two, I didn't have time to muck around. So I was trying to go as quick as possible, whilst not overdoing it. The longest roads between my place and Oberon were what the Brits call, "B roads". Narrow, winding, two lane, mountain roads where the speed limit is 80-100kmh (50-60mph). All of these mountain roads are famous for being treacherous in wet or cold weather. On the way out, half my trip was mist, drizzle and cold. On the way home I had fog, bucketing rain and even a fox on the same stretch of road. 




Other parts of my trip were just amazing. The sunset and sunrise around Oberon were extremely beautiful and the roads were fun! It's the first time I've had the chance to drive the Datto that distance and in that way. Usually, I potter around the suburbs. The longest trip I've done to date was a conference in the city. I had an issue with the fuel pump fuel holder on the way home. The pump cut out, but I was able to fix it by swapping the fuse around. For a 53 year old car, the Datto is amazing. It handled the wettest, slipperiest roads without issue. I didn't find it's limits. In fact, as I was following newer cars on the way home, I didn't have to brake nearly as often. It felt as though it just wanted to go faster and faster. When I got home on Saturday night, I had a slight headache, but I was elated. I've been tempted to buy a rally car for more than 30 years. I could afford to buy one. I realized on Saturday night I don't need one. I had 5 hours of solid, fun, driving time. Much more time than the guys in the rally. I'm still keen to do some more tuning and put the new motor in. I could do with a bit more power, but the car is super fun as is. 

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Out with the car club again yesterday for a skidpan motorkhana. Everyone was out of practice with most recent events cancelled due to COVID or flooding. I had a pretty good day, but I'm still getting used to driving the datto in khanas. I was too used to rear engined VWs. On the last test of the day, one of my friends, Bob had a go in my car. I was keen for him to drive it, because he's built quite a few rally 510s. He also owns a wicked 710 sedan. One of only three in Australia. Here's the footage of him...



Watching Bob wrestle the car was instructive. He said a few things...

1. The seats are not supportive at all.

2. The back springs are too soft.

I've already cut the back springs down for better camber and ride height. The car still wants to roll and grip, rather than letting go and drifting. It will spin both tyres easily, but the weight transfer from side to side it brutal. So, I'll be off to Stewart Wilkins again. Apparently he has a stash of springs. 


In other news, I'm trying to sort out a wiring issue with my Spartan II wideband. It's reading super rich above 92KPA. I've replaced the sensor ($140 bosch unit, ouch!) and still no joy. Hoping I can get some answers about this coz I want to get the tune right and petrol is over $8 per gallon in places again here. Thanks Comrade Putin. Speaking of which, I'm still tracing fuel smells in the car. Yay. The last one was a finger tight drain plug on the bottom of the fuel tank. Yes, I'm a numpty.

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