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Ok, so the "silicone" I bought was super runny.  I made a colossal mess inside the manifold trying to seal up all the gaps.










I think it will work, but we're going to come back on Saturday and fill the voids with expanding foam after all. 

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3 hours ago, EDM620 said:

I have doubts the expanding foam will be suitable for the temperatures it will be exposed to, and will decay, crumbling into the lifter galley. Perhaps some JB Weld??


I can't speak to it's resistance to heat, but if it did decay, it has nowhere to go. It will be sealed inside the chambers of the intake and cannot fall out. 


The maximum temperature listed for most of the foams is 180-200F. The intake manifold shouldn't see those kinds of temps, especially with fresh air constantly rushing past that surface, but it's good food for thought...

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5 hours ago, EDM620 said:

I have doubts the expanding foam will be suitable for the temperatures it will be exposed to, and will decay, crumbling into the lifter galley. Perhaps some JB Weld??


What John said, plus Utawesome used to fill his manifolds with expanding foam when he did the plates.  Ok, sure, he doesn't anymore but... um... rubber tires?

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So, while I was blowing apart the "Sting-Krate" bicycle replica for paint, John sprayed the manifold full of expanding foam.








He was amazed at how many "leaks" I had left behind with my half-assed attempt at sealing it.  I, however, was not!


Wednesday, after the foam has cured, we'll trim away the excess and re-seal everything.

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So I broke a bunch of expanding foam boogers out of the manifold today...




And added more pookie to finish sealing up the volume reduction plates...




Of course I was super distracted by another project, but this is coming along slowly.

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Why Johnny Fever was fired
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Is that a Crown Royal bag on the back bar...We use to get clothes pins and pin playing cards to the spokes to give it a cool sound...I hold the record for the longest willy in Columbus,Ga.Someone almost broke my record not long ago.Thought I was having  to get my bike back out and get my record back. I put Meguiare's tire shine on my tire's every now and then.




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48 minutes ago, Thomas Perkins said:

I hold the record for the longest willy


Well, I drive a Smart Car to compensate for my long willy.


And yes, that is a Crown bag on the sissy bar!  Good eye.


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I took no pictures of it, but we think we are satisfied with the sealing of the VRPs (volume reduction plates) inside the manifold.  Saturday we will finish cleaning it up, seal it up, and slap some paint on it.  Then we'll get into the actual swap.  As far as pain-in-the-assedness goes... I'm worried, John isn't.  Hopefully he's right!

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I stopped at Lowe's on the way to the shop and bought some little brushes




Which I used to clean up the injector bung holes.  Left is before, right is after.




Then I sealed up the bottom and cleaned up the head mating surfaces






And finally, John applied a luscious coating of GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD!








Which, of course, will never be seen once it is installed... but I'll know!

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On 12/3/2022 at 4:35 PM, Duncan said:

The gold looks sweet, btw!!

I bought a pair of valve cover gaskets just in case John decides we "need" to paint them gold (or maybe purple) while we're in there.

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The doghouse is out and I got to work on the manifold.  






Cold air intake off




If you know what you are looking at, you can see the valve cover and manifold






But with the A/C compressor out of the way, you can really see it!




And since it doesn't really get hot here in Texas, I figure seeing the gold manifold is more important than air conditioning... so that's all getting binned!




Saturday we remove the actual manifold and will discuss painting the valve covers.  Stay tuned.


Oh!  I forgot to show the scary-assed serpentine belt I'm replacing as well!



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Scary-assed serpentine belt!
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Someone at the shop, apparently, forgot to order a throttle body gasket.  Someone else at the shop claims that he told me... I mean the other person, to order it weeks ago.  So, I ordered one when I got home from the shop last night.




Well... OK, so I ordered two, along with a throttle body spacer, and drove over to Summit after work to pick them up




Yes, I am totally willing to admit that throttle body spacers are probably 33% BS, 33% Hokum, and 33% Snake oil, with 1% pooible performance gain.  But I think that if any manifold were to benefit from fractionally longer "runners," it would be a MOPAR Kegger with Utawesome VRPs.  Also... SHUT UP!


Here's the replacement serpentine belt




And a vacuum switch so we can kludge together an HVAC control panel to replace the junkyard unit that didn't work.




Stay tuned for more on that plan. 



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We finally got the old manifold out...




Yanked its plenum cover to see if it was blown...






With that much oil in there, I'd say it was.


We installed the lifter valley splash shield...






And swapped over the fuel injection, sensors, water pipes, and throttle body...














And then got it installed on the donk!




You can just see it peeking out behind the upper radiator hose...




And, to add a minuscule amount of lightness (but mainly to unblock the view of the manifold) I trimmed the A/C support part off of the alternator/A/C bracket...




Wednesday we finish hooking everything up, top off fluids, and fire it up!


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Looking at the pictures, and thinking back to installing the TB spacer, I think I may have installed it upside down.


There's this...




which I don't remember reading while installing.  And this...




See the "TransDapt" logo?  The one that's upside down?


And looking down the throats looks somehow... odd?






I don't think there's going to be any significant restriction... but then again, thinking gets me in trouble sometimes.  


Oh well, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.  Well, maybe not much sleep.

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