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Hello to all, I am trying to install a MSD Box and I have wired it as per the installation instructions for a points /amplifier ignition. I removed the old stock coil and hooked the coil + to the MSD red and the MSD white to the coil -. I have the MSD red and black power cables hooked to the battery and a new MSD blaster coil mounted and hooked up with the orange to + and the black to - . I have no start. It says that the ballast resistor is not necessary . From what I am understanding they don't get hooked up and the stock wires to the distributor are used .  I am lost as why I am not starting . If anyone has any info of what I am doing that's not right please help I need my car on Monday for work. thanks for your time . 

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go back to stock set .I don't think those are worth it.on a 60s tech L motor.

a lot of Datsun owners put fancy ignito in there and not needed.

I had a MSD and it lasted one day. So something was the matter with me also.Could be a Ballast resisitore thing ot not. I know Mallory Inilites needed the ballast with the stock coil and points but I forgot and went with a a Pertronix and been happy with that the last 20years


MSD goes to 1 spark after 3k anyways


always have a back up car for work

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Crewdog, have you "snipped" the two blue wires at the MSD box? On the newer 6A and 6AL boxes, there are two blue looped wires. Leave them in loop for 8 cylinders. cut 1 loop for 6 cyl and then cut both loops for 4 cylinder engines. 





After re-reading your post, It got me thinking... did you wire it up correctly?


Use the vehicle's "black with white stripe" wire as your Key-On power to the box. This B/W (key-on power) wire will tie into the SMALL red wire -- this is also the power supply to the distributor. The LARGE black and red wires go DIRECTLY to the battery, this is imperative. The orange wire is your POS to ign coil. small black wire is NEG to ign coil. white wire goes to NEG side of DIST. Think of the white wire as the trigger wire.




On topic of not "needing" an MSD..? Who cares. It's your car. I love the product. I have one on my built LZ23 in my B210. Goes slicker than snot.

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i have a MSD on my truck now for over 20years ....  you need to follow the instructions and test for spark from the MSD Red Box ...  


Correct , You Do not Run the White resistor in between the coil ... Looks like a white brick , 4 inches long

 you also Do not use the Condenser, round Barrel thing,  inside the distributor ... you Only need to run the Points ...



If triggering the ignition with the White wire:1. Make sure the ignition switch is in the “Off” position.2. Remove the coil wire from the distributor cap and set the terminal approximately 1/2" from ground. 3. Disconnect the MSD White trigger wire from the distributor. 4. Turn the ignition to the On position. Do not crank the engine.5. Tap the White wire to ground several times. Each time you pull the wire from ground, a spark should jump from the coil wire to ground. If spark is present, the ignition is working properly. If there is no spark skip to step 6


I also changed the way i used to turn the MSD box on when starting my 620 Truck .. I used to Have the Red wire running into the truck and then On the fuse Box to a Fuse that turned on when i started the truck.. this worked solid for ever, until a few years ago when I wasnt getting a full twelve volts on this wire, being sent back to the MSD box... i was Getting Low infrequent voltage being sent back to the box wich caused the MSD system to misfire and shut Off .. 

  I now Runt the red wire , switched 12 volts ... into the cab, hooked Up to a Toggle switch .. bottom tab, then Back directly to the battery.. This way the MSD always get a full 13 volts of power keeping it on and running

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