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My "1978" Datsun B210 GX project car.

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Hi All, 


New to the forum, new to this car:



Recently purchased it from a guy that decided he'd rather spend money building his business instead of building this car. I wanted a project car that could be a daily driver, so for $1790, this was a seemingly good deal. It was sold as a 78, but may actually be a 77 (unless the stamped manufacture dates are earlier than the car model year with a Datsun?)


Some info about it: 

- 84K miles

- Factory (non-functional) AC.

- 5 speed dogleg (not sure if factory or not, suspect it may not be)

- Aftermarket weber carb and EGR bypass

- Interior isn't in bad condition, needs front seats.

- Some rust, seems to be in standard places: rear quarter panel, floor pan, most concerning is on frame near gas tank

- Needs to have new window, door seals 

- Various suspension parts, bushing, etc. need replacing

- Wheels from some model of Z

- "New" carpet

- Gas gauge is wonky, but so is the gas tank - currently just use the trip meter and refill around 250. 

- Guy included original wheels, a new aftermarket (one of those import pieces) hood and driver's side front fender

- Differential leak?


Anyhow, nice to meet everyone. Here's the drop box link for all the pictures I took from a thorough inspection into "what needs to be repaired/replaced".  If anyone has any thoughts or concerns, it would be awesome to hear them. DropBox: (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1oginev8cyizw0j/AABGzaJU6cDZ77dOT_4wanCfa?dl=0)


So far, I've put 1000+ on the car just from driving around town. Good times. 😍😎


Also, it came with this in the trunk - so that was cool. Inside pictures on request.



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Nice car, welcome aboard :)

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well shit.  nice car.  Very jealous.   Very.  Same color as my first car/datsun.  Same year.  Same trim.  Welcome aboard.  

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The 5 speed is stock if it's a dogleg pattern (FS5W63A).  Came out only in the hatchbacks for 77-78 and maybe 76.

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This is the guy doing the body work on my car.




Check out the pictures of the work in progress (other pictures on his page of the results)



He's made templates of the body panels for common rust areas so he can produce patch panels for those that may want that type of thing.

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