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Last week I had a tire start to go flat, had it patched at the tire shop and put back on. Today I was out on a county road and heard a funny noise, like a tin pang a few times. It went away so I didn't think anything of it. Stopped at the gas station and was missing my hubcap. Went back to where I heard the noise and walked the ditches and can't find it. The bonus is that it was a squeaky hubcap, now I am debating on whether to get a matching hubcap or just get new wheels and tires.  The tires were new when I bought it, so 90% of the tire tread is left on them.

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Check ebay for a hubcap.  Nothing wrong with tires and wheels, but if I had new or reasonably new tires, I'd get some use out of them myself.


I can't see why a shop couldn't put a plug in the tire while it was on the car.  I do that in my driveway here at my house when it's needed.



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Sorry I have a 72 510 4 door. Yeah I may look for a hubcap in the meantime, they can't be that speedy, right?  Than when the tires wear far enough I do like the mesh style. What offset would work with Ermish racing coilovers?  That is probably the direction I would go.

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offset depends on strut you have and if flared and tire size.

I have coil overs and run +25mm Rota RBs but my spring prech is in the stock location and got a 7inch spring instead of standard 8 inch spring and dialed it all the way down to get the rake look I wanted. plus rear tuck up nice w/o rlling fenders.  195/45/15 nexens


if you go with 280zx struts youll want a different offset



I love the 69 hubcaps with a small white wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I also like the stock wheels and hubcaps on a lowered 510.  Greengoon on here slammed his wagon and ran the stock wheels and tires for a while, and it was totally badass, IMHO.  If the tires are fairly new, you might consider doing the suspension while rocking the hubcaps. 


If you do go with different struts, good chance the 13's might not fit, though..


Both choices have good and bad points.  I would also check Craigslist in the auto parts section for hubcaps, as well.   Good luck! 



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Plugs are so you can drive to where a proper internal patch can be put on. If the tires are new-ish I wouldn't keep a plug in it. They work in a pinch but not the best seal.

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Been running plugs for years, just have to do it correctly.


First, if it's anywhere near the side wall, it won't hold, but if in the flat tread area, it will.

Second, is it just a puncture from a nail, or a cut from a sharp piece of metal?

If a cut, forget it, I wouldn't even run a patch, as the belting has too much damage.


I find the hole, then clean the hole using rubber cement, using a small diameter, stiff wire brush.

I've also used a small diameter round file, or in a pinch, the largest screw that I can shove through the hole when it's wet with rubber cement.

Then I take the 'plug' (sometimes its a fibrous cord saturated with raw, uncured rubber), and shove it into the hole using the tool supplied with the plug, so it is in at least through to the inside by a half inch, and withdraw the insertion tool.

Then let it sit for a couple of hours, minimum.

Once it has set up, cut what is left sticking out flush with the tread.


Lawyers, and frivolous lawsuits has turned this country into a bunch of dummies....

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I had brand new tires less than 2 weeks old and had a catfish fin puncture the sidewall while backing down a boat ramp. Marked the sidewall with a grease pencil to the rim and asked the tire shop to unmount the tire without explaining the issue. Took the tire home patched the inside of the sidewall will a bicycle tube patch and had the shop remount the tire in the same place. Never rebalanced and ran that tire bald with no issues. 

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Not denying a plug will work. If shops won't use them there's a good reason. I doubt a tire will blow up or suddenly deflate and cause an accident. There's a better chance of a plug slow leaking later than a proper patch.


You can run one of these also but it's a shitty substitute for a real tire. It's only purpose is to get you to a garage to get a flat fixed right.


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There's gas stations and tire stores that still use them here.  I totally agree about the side wall.  I don't think I'd patch a side wall, either. I'd probably replace the tire.


I don't remember having any plug fail or leak.  I do have a really good kit myself, and not the Pep Boys / Harbor Freight kind.  I also know how to install the plug correctly.  There is a wrong way to do it...


I then fill the tires up with Nitrogen.  Cause Racecar and all.  🙂







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One could always get new wheels and mount one's 90% tires on those, assuming you keep the same radius wheel.


On the patch thing, I know the internal patches are better but I waited for my plug to leak since the tire wasn't great anyway.  The tire wore out before leaking.  Since then I've run with plugs and have yet to have one leak, even though I know some day one will.  I suppose now that I have a tire machine I'd use an interior patch if I had one handy.

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