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Gauge cluster swapping


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1983 4wd. Had a basic cluster originally with no tach or clock. Oil pressure and battery on center console. Have the engine running after full rebuilt- runs great but I have no gauges.

swapping out for a cluster with tach and clock- clock works great , but nothing else except lights .

I actually have two extra clusters and same results on both . As far as tach it looks like the resistor is there and the wires are on the coil. Temp wire is on by the thermostat. Oil pressure wires also connected. It’s almost like there is no power or ground issue. I do have a black wire coming of the gauge cluster that does not connect to anything . 

Schematic is not very helpful. 



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Okay - my dumbass checked the fuse and it was blown - so gauges work now.

Tach is still an issue. On one cluster it doesn’t work at all , so I guess it’s broke. The other cluster it works , but seems out of calibration . Needle sits way below 1 when not running

Checked resistor and it reads 2.2k. Cleaned all terminals . 

So are the tachs on these trucks junky?

Is there possibility of fixing them?

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So I pulled the tach and was actually able to turn the needle on it’s spindle and calibrate it to 0. Reinstalled and it seems to be pretty accurate . I will verify with a separate tach meter. He needle ratchets on its spindle - the only way I can describe it. 

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The plugs for the tac and the clock are most likely still taped to your cluster harness with blue tape.  they are taped in the wiring close to the gauges.  meanining clock wiring is on the clock side and the tack wiring is on the tac side.  The clock plug is a green 2 wire plud and the tac if I rmember correctlty is a white 3 wire plug.  The clock has a 2 wire pigtail with a green plug that will plug into the harness green plug.  The tac plug on the harness plugs into the back of the tac.





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