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NL320 outer door weatherstrip (pn 80341-09400?)


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29 minutes ago, 320 Newb said:

Dylan get your chops on them squeegees and work your way up to wing window gaskets! 


I would consider it, just to see if I can do it, but I don't have any wing window gaskets to model the molds from. To make the window seals I cut a thin slice of my worn out seal, scanned in on my flatbed scanner, then traced it in cad and scaled it to the correct size. I ended up tweaking the scaling several times by printing out test blocks until they fit the piece of my existing window seal. I believe the that window gaskets are a closed profile, right? It is a triangular loop with the corner bends molded into it, right? This means that in addition to a piece of the gasket to get the profile, I would also need precise measurements overall shape of the window. Even if it was just a close circular loop of rubber that had been pressed into a triangular area, I would still need a way of knowing exactly how big that loop was. There isn't an option to just trim off the excess length. Unless I am wrong about what these are. 


My wing window gaskets are currently intact (knock on wood), and not leaking that I'm aware of so I'm not going to take them apart to try any of this

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6 hours ago, ol' 320 said:


Do you have a build thread on your 320? Pics?


I don't have a build thread. I purchased a complete running NL320 several years ago and drove it for about a year. I had a cheap paint job put on it that looked ok for awhile but now is fading and peeling so that was probably a mistake.  I didn't really have to do much work on it. I did a few misc things like replace the distributor with an electronics ignition distributor, replaced the door cards with laser cut wood ones, etc. 


I had a problem with the brakes that I thought/hope was a leaking rubber brake line and I didn't get around to fixing it so the truck as been sitting for a couple of years. I finally replaced the brake line and the master cylinder but I'm having problems bleeding the brakes by my self. It is possible that I have some other leak in the brake system. 


I have some pictures here:




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On 10/7/2019 at 10:56 PM, DylanFM said:

They are 195 70 14s.

The previous owner put blocks between the differential and the leaf springs to lower it a couple of inches. Im not sure what, if anything, the owner did to the front suspension.

When you do the squeegee, do you mold it to the length that you need or do you end up cutting it to fit each side? Reason I ask, would there be enough scrap to send a piece to Thailand to check feasibility and cost to make them there with the same rubber we used for the wing window rubber? It'd have to be piece you don't need back.

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I cut them to length. I believe the original parts came cut to length with a little bit of either end trimmed down to a narrow strip. One of these strips would wrap around the edge of door frame and get pinched in a strip of metal to hold the squeegee in place. The other short strip would tuck under the edge of the vent window rubber. I just cut those strips down  after I cut them to length. 


I do have a strip that I could send to Thailand, but I would want to make sure that they will be testing these strips in an actually door frame before going into full production. Just like they did with the vent rubbers. I would hate to find out that they don't work well for other people because of my reference part.



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On 2/27/2020 at 1:27 AM, mickey1845 said:

Hey @DylanFM, right now we don't have a Datsun 320 door frame with us -- we borrowed some for the vent rubbers, but returned them after the fitment tests were done. If we were to make these strips, we'd need an original sample and door frame.


Sorry, I don't have an original sample or a spare door frame. I just have my reproductions and the doors attached to my truck. It sounds like @Dirty666 might have some original samples.



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