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Rust remover for cowl area 510 wagon

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I am sure that this has been discussed but I don't seem to find anything when searching so here's the question.


My wiper cowl area has a lot of surface rust on just about the entire area. I have been using a rust converter (Gempler's) and it works well but only on areas that are easy to get to for me. Painting on rust converter (x2) then spray primer (x2), then spray color (x2). So getting the spray paint into all those corners and nooks does not look easy.


So, has anyone used  DRX rust remover which is a spray bottle applied remover? Then pressure wash. Seems like spraying it into those areas and letting it pool up and run down into the recesses might be easier . Also need to spray bottle a rust neutralizer, and then a sealer. All with spray bottles and using lots.




I am not able to do a full rust restoration ala a body shop.


What does everyone think? Anyone used the DRX stuff?




Thanks for any advice or BTDT.

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I've used Chassis Saver as it inhibits the rust and stops it cold.  Problem is, it's not UV protected, but you can paint over it with a regular paint.  Works good and comes out smooth.

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Thanks for the recommendation 4perrev, I am trying to stay away from a rust encapsulator product like POR15 and Chassis Saver. Trying to spray or reach into all these areas in the cowl would be difficult for me.


Still looking for someone with BTDT experience using DRX.

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